Clearing the Cosmic Confusion

An Amazing Fact: A black hole is an area of spacetime in which gravity is so powerful that nothing—not even light—can escape it. An astronaut who gets too close to a black hole would be sucked in and killed by its overpowering gravity. The biggest black hole discovered so far has a mass 66,000,000,000 times that of our sun.

All light and hope had been sucked out of Michelle’s life. It was as though she were being pulled into a supermassive black hole. Eventually, the young lady decided to end her life.

But then a friend showed her a powerful Amazing Facts sharing DVD, one that God used you and our other friends to create and distribute: Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil. It changed everything for Michelle! She now understands that there is a God who loves her.

No other resource has opened people’s eyes to the great controversy between good and evil quite like Cosmic Conflict has. It answers the deepest and most troubling questions people ask: Why does God allow suffering? Did God create the devil? Where did evil come from? If God is all-powerful, why doesn’t He destroy Satan now?

These are not small questions. And the answers to them may very well determine whether a soul trusts God fully—or gets sucked into Satan’s hopeless oblivion.

Spiraling Downward

When Michelle decided to end her life, she thought about her beloved father, who had been her best friend in life. When he had taken his own life years before, she had been devastated. 

Since then, her life had spiraled, collapsing under the weight of grief, anger, and self-condemnation. She was reeling, tired of being lonely and pretending to be happy, tired of working so hard just to end up scraping by. No matter what she did, life was futile—nothing would get better.

Can you feel Michelle’s pain? It is no small number of people who have been swallowed by the black hole of despair. Between 2000 and 2020, suicide rates went up 30 percent in the United States. Can we do anything to help prevent these tragic deaths?

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A Surprise Message

Before ending it all, Michelle reached out to her mother. They hadn’t spoken in years. However, when she signed on to her computer to send the note, she noticed an unusual message from someone she didn’t recognize. He was asking if Michelle used to work at a certain business.

She sent a brief response that she had indeed worked there, but after sending the email, she thought no more about it. The next day, when she checked to see if her mom had responded, she saw a reply from the unknown man, who reminded her that they had worked together three years prior.

Michelle answered again, and they began to exchange messages. Eventually, she found herself sharing some of her struggles. That’s when her new friend suggested she listen to Bible Answers Live to get meaningful answers.

But Michelle was reluctant. For one thing, she’d tried reading the Bible once, with no positive results. For another, she felt that Christians would condemn her father for committing suicide—and condemn her for contemplating the same. Then, in God’s perfect timing, she heard me talking about suicide in a way that brought her hope and encouragement.

And that’s when her new friend shared with her Cosmic Conflict. As she watched, Michelle felt like a bright light was suddenly switched on for her. “I felt renewed and wanted to know more. My friend began showing me Pastor Doug’s sermons.”

Who is God?

So many people like Michelle question if “God is love” (1 John 4:8). They see the tragedies happening in our world—like senseless mass shootings at grocery stores and elementary schools—and they struggle to trust in God.

Millions right now are asking big questions about God on the internet. Who is God? Why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?

You know how Satan’s lies changed angels into demons and started a deadly rebellion on Earth. You know how God’s mercy and justice will put a stop to the sin and suffering that Satan caused. Your heart has been touched by the real meaning of Christ’s sacrifice …

But most don’t know these foundational truths—not even Christians.

A New Sharing Opportunity

It’s been 13 years since we produced the Cosmic Conflict DVD. We’ve sold and given away more than 200,000 copies. It’s even been “bootlegged”—and shared around the world millions of times.

But the powerful message of Cosmic Conflict also needs to be widely shared in print form. When we’re banned on TV and the internet, literature evangelism will still be impacting lives—and winning souls for years and years!

It’s now time to put these Bible truths into an eye-catching magazine that will draw millions to the light of truth about the end of suffering in our world. Colporteurs, literature evangelists, and young missionaries will spread these truth-filled magazines to eager readers. Others will blanket entire neighborhoods!

But it will not happen without you. 

Will you help create and distribute this urgently needed resource? Your loving gift of just $25 will put these vital truths into the hands of 35 seekers. An extra generous gift of $100 will share Bible answers with thousands of people who have heartfelt questions. And a cosmic-sized gift of $1,000 will help lay a foundation for writing, designing, and printing this much-needed resource. Whatever size gift you send will be multiplied in helping people know God’s lifesaving truth, not only through new sharing magazines but also our many other outreach efforts.

Good news! Michelle is now happily married to her faith-sharing friend, and they have a beautiful daughter. Her mother now joins her in watching Amazing Facts programs. Michelle shares, “If I had never come across Amazing Facts, I wouldn’t know Christ. I wouldn’t be here today.” Thank you for changing another life!

A fellow warrior for the kingdom of heaven,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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