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Reaching the Vulnerable at the Crossroads of Life

September 03, 2012
Reaching the Vulnerable at the Crossroads of Life

An Amazing Fact: The Great Continental Divide is an invisible north-south boundary running across the western United States— extending from Alaska down through Mexico. Raindrops falling in this region will head off in one of two contrary directions: If wind pushes the drops a few inches east of the boundary, they’ll join creeks and rivers that run to the murky Gulf of Mexico. If they drift west, they’ll head on to the Pacific. Even the slightest breeze can send the drops flowing into opposite oceans!

Reaching the Vulnerable
at the Crossroads of Life

Students in college today are hovering above a great divide. Like raindrops battered by winds of doubt, some students drift into a murky stream leading to a life of separation from God. But others who respond to the moving of the Spirit discover the living water of truth—flowing to abundant life with Christ!

There are many crossroads in life, but few are as crucial as the years between the ages of 18 and 25.

During these pivotal years, college students face a myriad of profound decisions about which way to go in life. They reevaluate all they learned at home. They choose careers, develop relationships with friends … and often choose a spouse. They make major money and lifestyle decisions, without totally understanding the long-term consequences of those choices and the direction it will ultimately lead them.

And I fear we are losing, tragically, an entire generation of future leaders—pastors, teachers, missionaries, servants of God—to the decisions they are making right now at the crossroads of their lives.

Perhaps you know a student at the crossroads of life, a good kid facing these critical decisions that could lead him or her astray. Perhaps it’s even your own son or daughter or grandchild. For all of us, much is at stake.

The Ultimate Purpose
I want to reach as many college students as possible during this pivotal period of life, to help them discover their divine purpose, the calling for which God created them. This is critically important for the future of our church, our nation, and the world!

That’s why Amazing Facts is producing a new program called Ultimate Purpose. And your financial and prayer support for these meetings is absolutely essential.

This all-new series will be held October 11 to 13 on the campus of Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tenn. It will also be broadcast live around the world! I’m going to help students discover their Ultimate Purpose by answering four key questions:

  1. What Is Truth? The idea that there is no such thing as absolute truth permeates our culture and colleges. We’ll tackle this “post-modern” myth with logic and the truth of God’s Word—then challenge every young person to take a stand.
  1. How Did We Get Here? In most universities, the theory of evolution is taught as fact—even in some Christian colleges! This leaves many students confused about their real identity. I’ll explain why this issue determines how a person lives.
  1. Why Is There Evil? Many students wonder, “How can a good, all-powerful God allow so much evil in the world?” We will hit this head on because it’s one of the main barriers for Christian and secular students accepting God.
  1. Where Am I Going? Whether they admit it openly or not, every young person wants to know if there is some design for their lives. I’ll show them from the Word how to discover and follow God’s plan for them.

I know that many college students grapple with these questions in their philosophy classes because many professors don’t believe in the Bible and cannot lead students to truthful answers!

The result is that many young lives are influenced to follow the dark stream into unbelief. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Will you help me steer students in the direction of truth—as discovered in the Word of God?

Reaching Young Adults
Every week, Amazing Facts receives reports from all around the globe of how our programs are impacting young adults at the crossroads of life. Nancy in India writes,

“I had too many problems at college. I was about to quit everything, but by God’s grace, I’m still alive and I’ll soon have finished my degree. Thank GOD! I’m a new creature in JESUS. I’m facing a tough time with classmates … criticizing my faith. Yet I’m strengthened by His words and from your daily devotionals from Bible Universe. My life is changing by your powerful ministries!”

To reach students like Nancy is why we’re working with 3ABN to broadcast these sessions around the world. They’ll also be live streamed online and archived on YouTube! We’ll promote these meetings using the social media popular with students—Facebook, Twitter, etc.—and encourage participants to begin online discussions about the series.

Once the live series ends, we’ll begin translation of the programs into other languages as finances allow. If we have the funds, I’d love to see Ultimate Purpose translated into Spanish and even Chinese—in China, more than 25 million youth are in college!

I have the great hope for the Ultimate Purpose series for college students. I believe God is going to greatly use this event—not just for the live broadcast, but also with its continued presence online for years to come!

College-age young people are among the most important and strategic population groups in our church! Ultimate Purpose can have a lasting, powerful impact for our faith. And with one of my Batchelor boys in college and another heading there soon, this project has a special place in my heart.

I just felt it was so vitally important to reach out to this vulnerable group of adults at the crossroads of life. The programs begin in a few weeks, so would you please help us reach this generation with the power of the gospel?

Yours to change the future by reaching our cherished young people,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

Get more details about Ultimate Purpose here.

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