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Reaching the Last Frontier with the Final Message

October 21, 2012
Reaching the Last Frontier with the Final Message

An Amazing Fact: During his reign, Emperor Qin Shi Huang was obsessed with eternal life, dispatching entire armies to search for an “elixir of life” that would allow him to live forever. Preoccupied with eternity, Huang began working on his burial city when he was only 13 years old. He filled vast underground caverns around his tomb with more than 8,000 full-size Terracotta soldiers, horses, and court officials to guard his gravesite. Construction of this massive mausoleum, which is still only partially excavated, is believed to have taken 700,000 workers 38 years to complete! Tragically, Huang died when he was just 49 years of age—likely due to mercury poisoning from swallowing a bizarre metallic concoction his doctors said would help him live longer.

Dear friends,

The longing for eternal life is very real in China!

And it’s burning in the hearts of people like “Mei Ling,” who found our Bible studies and prophecy videos on our Amazing Facts Chinese Internet site. (To help protect her, I won’t use her real name.)

She emailed us with questions about the Bible, the end times, and the Sabbath. She wrote, “I know the Sabbath was changed in history … and also that those who keep the Sabbath in the last days will suffer persecution. Isn’t that right?”

We said, “Yes.” She said, “I am not afraid of persecution; I just pray that I will be faithful. I know that death of body doesn’t matter.” We agreed and told her, “God promises eternal life to those who obey His truth. We must follow God and His Word.”

She wrote back, “Your words have made me more determined to follow God’s teaching!”

Wow! I’m always amazed at the dedication of believers in China, dear souls who are willing to endure all kinds of persecution for the sake of Christ. I’m so glad you and I can be a part of helping “Mei Ling” grow in her walk with God. This is happening all over China today because of your generous support of Amazing Facts.

The Last Frontier
Truly, China is the last great frontier of mission work in our world … a country in which more than 60 percent of its 1.3 billion people are atheists!

Persecution of Christians in China is still very real. One member of our team was beaten by police and had his boxes of Amazing Facts books confiscated. Of course, we are also restricted from open evangelism through television and radio. Yet despite a repressive government, as the apostle Paul said, “The word of God is not bound” (2 Timothy 2:9).

And I firmly believe there will come a time soon when the doors will open up—and the Chinese government will allow Christian TV, radio, and public evangelism. When those doors do open, I want us to be ready!

Many believers in China are right now desperately looking for tools and resources to help them grow in the faith. Although they cannot get Bible teaching on the radio or on TV, they can watch and listen to our programs on the Internet and through DVDs and books!

That means we have a great open door for us to reach tens of millions of people with the truth of God’s Word about Jesus and the end times.

If present trends continue, our Amazing Facts website at will receive one million visits from hungry hearts in China this year. They are already downloading everything they can get their hands on—Bible studies, videos, and the Final Events documentary.

Faithful Souls Standing for Truth
And make no mistake: The people we are hearing from are very serious about their faith—they have to be! For these brave believers, taking a stand for their faith can literally be a matter of life and death.

After our first contact with “Mei Ling,” she called us to say, “I can’t find a church in my area that keeps the Sabbath. I’m very sad and don’t know what I should do.”

We prayed with her and told her about more resources online, such as the Final Events video, which would give her a good understanding of the future. A few days later, she said, “I didn’t go to church on Sunday. My house has a hair salon. Can we close the doors on Sabbath and study together at my home?”

We replied, “Of course you can close shop on the Sabbath—read your Bibles, pray, and watch videos on our website! God loves you and will bless you.” The next Sabbath, this faithful dear lady and a small group of believers gathered in that little salon to fellowship, study, and worship! What an amazing testimony of courage and faith in action!

Missionaries Together
This wonderful story reveals the real impact that your support of Amazing Facts is having on so many lives of people who need us. Because of your help, we are able to have a small team be there for them on the ground and also through video resources, the Internet, printed material, and, of course, in many other countries on television and radio.

None of this would be possible without you.

But today, the spiritual need in China is enormous and dire. Suicide has rapidly risen there to become one of the leading causes of death among the despairing young people of China. Why? Because there is no hope in atheism! No hope of eternal life. No hope for a better or meaningful life here on earth—without Christ!

THAT is why so many are seeking something better today. They know there MUST be a better life, a better hope, and even eternal life!

What they don’t know is that this abundant, eternal life is only offered through Jesus! In short, the need is great … and it is growing … and Amazing Facts needs your help to be able to respond to this need and meet it.

The government of China is very restrictive. They have done everything possible to keep their doors closed to the gospel. But doors have a way of opening … and I believe that the door to the gospel in China is about to open in a manner we have not seen in our lifetimes. It is only a matter of time!

And when that day comes, we must be ready to charge through those doors—with a trainload of materials and programs. So we are already translating our online programming into Mandarin, but we need to do so much more. We need to translate more of our television programs and books and increase our efforts to produce more Mandarin resources on topics such as marriage, suicide, and smoking.

So your financial support today will help us get these urgently needed tools for salvation and spiritual growth into the hands of millions of people in China—people just like “Mei Ling”—who are desperately looking for help and the truth and the way to eternal life. You can help us prepare for a great harvest … perhaps the greatest we have seen in the history of Amazing Facts.

The ancient Chinese quest for eternal life is still strong today … and with your help, Amazing Facts will be there with the answers that offer the truth to the seeking and the hurting. Thank you so much for being part of this wonderful work. We really need to hear from you this month.

Pastor Doug Batchelor

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