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A Record Catch of “Two-Legged” Fish

July 01, 2015
A Record Catch of “Two-Legged” Fish
An Amazing Fact: In 2011, Guinness world-record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record. Using nothing more than a simple cane pole, bobber, and live bait, Kolodzinski caught an incredible 2,649 fish in only 24 hours, breaking his previous world record of 2,160 fish!

It is hard to imagine a more successful fisherman than Kolodzinski! But did you know that every single day, you and Amazing Facts are actually reaching thousands of “two-legged fish” with the everlasting gospel?

Is that even possible? Yes! And it has happened before. When the apostle Peter preached at Pentecost, 3,000 were baptized in one day! (Acts 2:41). And later, another 5,000 were baptized following the preaching of Peter and John (Acts 4:4).

Especially now, as we see major prophecies lining up so fast it makes your head spin, time is quickly running out. More and more people are searching for safety.

That’s why the Lord has commissioned every faithful Christian to use their gifts for Him as “fishers of men”—and He wants you and I to work together to bring as many lost souls as possible into the boat of salvation.

I’m excited to tell you that last year, Amazing Facts “netted” approximately 11 million visits to our websites. That amounts to 916,000 visits every month—or more than 30,000 every single day, nourishing the lost and confused with God’s Word! It means the world to me that you care so much about the Great Commission, and your loving gifts are making a profound impact for God’s kingdom. But according to a new Gallup poll, Christianity in North America is in trouble—through empty preaching and worldly distractions, Satan has created a spiritual vacuum in the hearts of millions.

If we want to keep gaining ground for His Kingdom, we must use every available means to share the pure truth. When this happened in the early church, thousands were converted in one day—friend, with God’s help, this can happen again!

Fishing With a “Net”
Indeed, more than 430,000 souls follow Amazing Facts on Facebook. In just one day, nearly 150,000 people saw our post about the eternal nature of the Ten Commandments. Because of your dedication, TENS OF THOUSANDS received this Bible truth, many for the first time!

And that’s just the start. On YouTube, where we feature Bible-based videos, nearly 4,164,000 hungry people have heard the three angels’ messages while watching Amazing Facts.

These are giant leaps over the previous year, and God is already leading a record number of famished souls to the liberating truths we share! Of course, those are big numbers—but what does it all mean on a personal level to those who are finding truth on our websites? Well, let me tell you about Ashley …

Pulled From the Abyss
Ashley was starving for spiritual truth.

Through her entire life, she had been told she was never wanted. She even learned her mother had tried to abort her. As a child, she was neglected and malnourished. By the time relatives stepped in to help, she had lost most of her hearing and had severe problems with her teeth.

“I grew up angry,” she says. “My heart was filled with malice.” Is it any surprise that Ashley sank deep into depression? Feeling that she had no purpose in life and that no one cared, she felt worthless and tried to commit suicide more than once. But then, the Lord caught her attention—she heard someone talking about Amazing Facts.

She says, “I became curious and discovered a number of sermons by Pastor Doug on YouTube.” She was so intrigued by our Final Events videos that she kept searching and found the Amazing Facts website. “I wanted to build a healthier relationship with Christ, and I couldn’t have been happier. I don’t think there’s a better website to help people grow in Jesus.” Another “two-legged fish” was hooked by the love of Jesus!

Ashley enjoyed reading many of our free books and viewing videos, all of which you are making available to millions each month when you generously support casting this gospel “Net” far and wide. “I’m on a limited budget,” she says, “so I really appreciate how Amazing Facts provides lots of information at no cost.”

Ashley also says, “Now I know how much God cares about me. Thank you for making it possible for people like me to have a better outlook on life.”

And God bless you for the difference you make in the lives of so many people like Ashley who are finding Bible truth online every day. Your generosity ensures that answers to the burning questions in people’s hearts can be found 24/7, leading craving souls to freedom in Christ.

More Nets in the Water
As successful as our websites are in sharing lifesaving truth, now when so much is at stake, we can’t afford to be complacent. There are so many more people we can reach for the kingdom if we expand our Internet ministry!

In evangelism, as in fishing, the simplest methods are the best. To call people to the gospel, we need to lay out the truth where hungry seekers can find it. For instance, currently, a large percentage of the contacts on our websites are from mobile devices.

Search engines like “Google” are even ranking mobile-friendly websites higher, making them easier to find. Unfortunately, not all of Amazing Facts’ websites are compatible with smartphones or tablets. So we need to move quickly to upgrade all our online material for people using those devices—or the fish will get away.

So here is our four-part plan for sharing more Bible truth with more people as soon as possible …
  1. All of our websites urgently need programming upgrades to be easily used by mobile devices and handle our growing audience.
  2. Our main website needs updating, with improved navigation and easier, faster access to sermons, books, and videos.
  3. We are enhancing our and have begun a major campaign to reach more souls with The Rest of Your Life! sharing magazine through online ads.
  4. And the BIG news … with your help … we will soon begin broadcasting on a new 24/7 Amazing Facts Internet radio station!
We can reach these goals only with you standing beside us as our partner in ministry! And God promises us a blessing—remember what the disciples did when Jesus told them to cast their nets toward Him? “So they cast, and now they were not able to draw it in because of the multitude of fish” (John 21:6).

The Internet is as important to evangelism today as the printing press was 500 years ago. It is prime territory for evangelism. Historically, every dollar we invest in building and enhancing our websites has paid great spiritual dividends. This is about reaching and investing in people—not just a few—but countless thousands every single day with the power of the good news!

Compared to other methods of communication, Internet witnessing is a bargain! We send truth around the world and don’t have to pay postage. Even in those countries that oppose Christianity, people are finding our websites and responding to the gospel—but it won’t always be this way.

As you know, Amazing Facts receives no financial assistance from any denomination or corporation; we press on by faith from day to day. That’s why I’m inviting you to come and share in this harvest through your prayers and gifts this month.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and desire to work alongside Amazing Facts to reach people with the everlasting gospel—and don’t forget to let me know your prayer request on the back of the reply card when you send you gift. Our team and I also want to pray for you!

Remember, together, we can impact the lives of so many precious individuals every day, in every part of the globe!

In Christ our salvation,

Pastor Doug
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