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Exposing Satan's Final Deception

September 01, 2015
Exposing Satan's Final Deception
An Amazing Fact: In the 14th century, the Aztec Empire was one of the most powerful and sophisticated civilizations in the Western Hemisphere, but this kingdom of two million people was conquered in a year by a Spanish force of just 600 men. How did it happen?!

Have you ever been told a lie so deceptive that it caused you tremendous harm? Well, today, the world—and, yes, even the church—has many confused and distorted ideas about Jesus’ return. And these “doctrines of devils” will soon result in unmitigated disaster for the misled among us.

Jesus Himself warned us, “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matthew 24:4, 5).

Especially today, as a thundercloud of prophecy is ready to rain down upon our world, I am deeply concerned about the popular media myths misleading most Christians with a seductive counterfeit scenario regarding the last days, just like when God’s people misunderstood prophecies about Jesus’ first coming.

Left unchallenged, these false doctrines will leave millions eternally lost! This is why I firmly believe God wants you and I to do all we can to warn whoever will listen while we still have this brief window of opportunity to share the truth.

Misunderstood Prophecies
In 1519, Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez impersonated the fabled god of the Aztecs and then commenced to enslave, plunder, and kill them.

You see, Cortez took advantage of an ancient Aztec prophecy about Quetzalcoatl, a feathered god-king, that predicted his return from across the sea upon white clouds. The timing conveniently lined up with the arrival of the conquistadors on Spanish galleons featuring billowy white sails. Cortez shrewdly assumed the role of their deity to manipulate the superstitious king Montezuma. Because he conned them into believing he was their god, Cortez was able to complete the Spanish conquest in record time.

Likewise, the devil has deceived most Christians regarding how Jesus will return. And now, like Cortez, Satan is preparing to exploit these false notions of prophecy to perform his masterpiece of deception: impersonating Christ! He has so successfully paved the way with misinformation that most of the world will eagerly embrace him and his deadly doctrines.

But you and I can help rescue millions from this coming deception!

The Final Act
Satan’s time must be getting close. Already this year, we’ve witnessed a massive earthquake in Nepal, multiple volcanoes erupting worldwide, flooding in America, a financial crisis in Europe, a relentless march of Islamic terrorists, and rouge nations going nuclear. The whole world, even atheists, senses impending apocalypse, and they are searching after anything or anyone who will save them.

Add to this what would have been unthinkable only a few years ago: the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to plunder the only moral definition of marriage. “Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: ... Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed” (Luke 17:28–30). (Rest assured that as long as I’m here, Amazing Facts will never stop teaching the biblical view of marriage!)

And to top it all off, this very month a Jesuit pope will address a joint session of the U.S. Congress for the first time ever. Francis is steadily increasing the influence of his office, now more popular among non-Catholics than ever. This pope seems determined to unite the political and religious worlds. And they are uniting! The pontiff’s recent address on global warming highlighting Sunday as a rest day for the planet inspired a coalition of Catholics, Jews, and Muslims to push for support of his global agenda. “And all the world marveled and followed” (Revelation 13:3). Can you see how Satan is ready to pull a deception just like Cortez did? Only this time, he’ll capture the whole world!

Well … almost.
“As the crowning act in the great drama of deception, Satan himself will personate Christ. The church has long professed to look to the Savior’s advent as the consummation of her hopes. Now the great deceiver will make it appear that Christ has come. In different parts of the earth, Satan will manifest himself among men as a majestic being of dazzling brightness, resembling the description of the Son of God given … in the Revelation. The glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed by anything that mortal eyes have yet beheld. The shout of triumph rings out upon the air: ‘Christ has come! Christ has come!’ ” —The Great Controversy, pg. 624
A Biblical Counter Strike
We need not be surprised or even afraid when we see earth’s final events unfolding. Jesus told us these troubles would come just before His return so that we would be encouraged and so that you and I would mobilize to reach others.

He wants to use us to place the Bible truth into the hands of those who would otherwise perish in ignorance! In fact, you’re already doing this through Amazing Facts TV, radio, evangelism, and Internet ministries. Your generosity has ensured that sharing resources about the time of the end have been changing lives for years. Here is what many using our current witnessing magazines are saying …

“This [Daniel & Revelation] magazine encases it all! As a new Christian, this has been the thing I have been looking for. The information is to the point and, best of all, supported by the Bible 100 percent; as a former Satanist, this is the most important thing to me! I will be ordering more to pass out to friends and people I witness to.”

“This [Rest of Your Life!] is a great magazine to leave out in my living room and it draws the attention of my friends and family. This issue explained why we worship on the Sabbath in a way that is easy to understand.”

Praise the Lord! Do you see the blessing you can multiply to so many people through your generous support? And we get these letters every day!

Here’s the Plan
I believe Amazing Facts is being called to blast the trumpet and do more to clear up people’s minds about the true nature of Jesus’ second coming in a new sharing magazine, supporting website, and online videos.

We’re planning, with your help, to publish a stunning and intriguing new sharing magazine specifically about the return of Christ—a tool you can use to present the Bible facts about Christ’s return and bring hope to thousands around the world.

Grounded in Scripture, it will feature eye-catching graphics and easy-to-understand articles detailing the Bible facts about Jesus’ second coming. Plus, it will refute unbiblical teachings, answer big questions, and invite readers to discover more truth through the Amazing Facts Bible School.

It’s my hope that I haven’t jumped the gun. You see, even though we don’t have it in the budget this year, time is too short and this resource is so desperately needed, I’ve asked the Amazing Facts team to begin developing it. It’s urgent that we warn seekers about Satan’s plans and invite them to accept the real Jesus and prepare for His return. I have no doubt you know someone in your family, your circle of friends, your community, who could benefit from a magazine like this! I know I do.

We’re planning to get this magazine—plus a new website and YouTube videos—in the hands of millions in a complete worldwide tsunami of Bible truth as quickly as possible. We’re deep in prayer, and we’re asking you to join us in this mission.

Standing Together
Will you stand with me today and support this project, along with every other ministry here helping people know about Jesus? I’m trusting by faith that God will move on your heart to help us write, design, print, translate, and distribute this precious truth, PLUS create a powerful new website and new videos on the second advent.

Satan’s ultimate act of deception could happen at any time now. Wouldn’t you agree it’s absolutely crucial that we reach out immediately to share accurate last-day events so others won’t be deceived by his spiritual delusions? Only God’s Word can save them!

Remember, when Jesus came the first time, His own people were not ready because they were deceived regarding the prophecies of how their Messiah would come. The devil is doing the same thing today, but you can help many who desperately need to know the truth. Thank you in advance for partnering with Amazing Facts and making it possible for thousands of seekers to find genuine hope for the future!

Give Today!

Your friend in truth,
Pastor Doug
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We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.
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