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Keep the Light Burning Bright!

October 20, 2015
Keep the Light Burning Bright!
An Amazing Fact: The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald remains one of the most mysterious of shipwreck tales. On November 10, 1975, the 700-foot freighter was hauling iron ore across Lake Superior when it was overtaken by a winter tempest. In the middle of the night, the fury of the storm knocked out the ship’s radar. At the same time, the nearest lighthouse, at Whitefish Point, experienced power failure causing its beacon to go dark. The Fitzgerald sank with 29 souls. Many believe if the captain could have seen the lighthouse beacon, he could have directed the ship closer to shore and escaped from the monstrous waves that plunged the vessel into the abyss.

Dear friend,

Can you think of anything sadder than a lighthouse that doesn’t shine in a dark storm? Have you ever experienced the frustration of reaching for a flashlight during a power failure only to discover the batteries were dead at that critical moment?

And especially now, as we are living in the times foretold by Isaiah, “For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people” (60:2). This is the time to boldly set our lamp on a hill and keep the gospel light blazing bright! (See Matthew 5:14–16.)

That’s why I’m bringing you an urgent message about Amazing Facts TV (AFTV). Yes, I know that I’ve already written this month, and I don’t want to wear out the “patience of the saints,” but I believe this is something you would very much want to know about—because inaction now could mean shutting off a major gospel beacon.

For nearly six years now, AFTV has been broadcasting truth 24/7 across North America on satellite and around the world through the Internet. But now the time has come to renew our satellite contract for another three years, and we are needing some serious encouragement from our supporters. This is a big and expensive commitment. It is also vital!

This year we have improved the signal quality of our AFTV station, and the broadcast quality is expected to increase even further with a new contract. AFTV is now being carried on affiliate stations in cities in Texas, Tennessee, Washington, Michigan, Arizona, and more. Even viewers of Amazing Facts Presents on major networks like Discovery, Lifetime, and Trinity Broadcasting are finding more Bible truth after seeing our commercials referring them to AFTV, which they can watch anytime, day or night.

But it’s only through prayer and your generous support that we can keep the continuous, uninterrupted transmission of Amazing Facts programs by satellite, which covers all of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

And keeping AFTV on the air requires our attention. So, I’m letting you, a faithful partner, know that at the end of this month, our contract with the satellite provider will expire. Let me quickly add here that I believe God wants us to sign another three-year agreement in order to keep AFTV beaming Bible-inspired messages to a wide area audience of more than 480 million people.

Right now there are nearly seven million people who access the G19 signal. That’s too many souls to ignore. We cannot skip this opportunity to keep beaming God’s last-day message through AFTV … to people like Treva.

Stunning Truth!
When Treva first came across AFTV, she thought it was just another science program. But after she started watching it regularly, she explains, “I was captivated by all the biblical truths I had never been aware of.” Then one day, Treva heard me preach about the Sabbath. “I was stunned!” she writes. “From that point on, I began to read my Bible like I had never read it before. I began to watch AFTV night and day with my Bible by my side in order to discover more biblical truths.”

I’m thrilled to tell you that Treva was recently baptized and is now an active member of a Sabbath-keeping church. She is on fire for the Lord thanks in part to your support that keeps AFTV broadcasting gospel light and changing lives for eternity. “I have fallen in love all over again with my first love, Jesus Christ,” Treva beams!

I want to reach more people like Treva … don’t you? One of the best ways to communicate the gospel is through AFTV. With our contract deadline looming, I believe we should not let this divine opportunity pass. Allowing the 24/7 broadcast of AFTV to go dark would mean thousands of seekers will never hear the three angels’ messages. Together we can keep the light burning bright.

I invite you, today, to help Amazing Facts underwrite this incredible ministry. A gift of $25 pays for one full hour of broadcasting time; $50 will provide two hours; and $100 will provide four hours. Or if you can help with a special outreach gift, would you consider $300 for 12 hours or $600 for a whole day?

Please stand with me in saying “yes!” to another three years of sharing truth, every second, every minute, every day of the year. It is urgent that we renew this contract soon. If we don’t, the valuable channel will be lost. My passion is to reach people EVERYWHERE—ALL THE TIME! Losing this chance can mean lost souls for eternity. But I need you to act together with Amazing Facts.

Emma wrote me recently, “My husband and I enjoy hearing you on AFTV and are so grateful for your truth-filled messages. I’m thankful we can have a part in spreading the message we’ve been given.” Will you join Emma and her husband in helping keep AFTV on the air and spreading the saving light? Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Give here today!

Praising God for His constant faithfulness,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
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We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.
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