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Reaching a Giant Continent for CHRIST!

November 01, 2015
Reaching a Giant Continent for CHRIST!
An Amazing Fact: Measuring in at 11,677,239 square miles, the continent of Africa is larger than China, the United States, India, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, and Japan … combined!

Dear friend,

Sometimes the vast size of Africa can be mind-boggling. So are the enormous needs on this diverse continent, where 1.1 billion people across 54 countries speak over 1,500 different languages. Yet recently the Lord has impressed me that Amazing Facts should, and can, be doing more to reach Africa with His message.

Although Africa has spawned some of the world’s most advanced civilizations, history has brought changes that have plunged much of the continent into spiritual darkness. For centuries, countries throughout Africa have suffered through endless war, slavery, famine, genocide, political corruption, and hyperinflation. With the highest rate of poverty and shortest lifespan, Africa has also been the epicenter of deadly diseases like Ebola, malaria, and HIV.

Today it remains a place full of spiritually starved souls. But together you and I can help bring them spiritual food, eternal life, and real and lasting riches.

New Opportunities
Despite many challenges, bright windows of opportunity are opening. Even in poor villages, more people have access to satellite and the Internet than ever before. Amazing Facts receives an ever-increasing number of emails and contacts from people in Africa who have encountered our programs on radio, TV, and the Internet.

Literacy is also increasing, making it easier to share the three angels’ messages in print. Fortunately, Amazing Facts already has Bible study materials translated into the five major world languages spoken throughout Africa. We just need to get His truth into the hands of more people!

Do you remember reading where Paul has a vision of a man pleading, “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9)? Likewise, we receive so many requests for ministry in Africa. And we hear so many moving stories like this one …

Jeremiah’s parents died when he was very young, and he ended up suffering under the thumb of abusive relatives. Eventually a kind uncle took him in and sent him to school, where he excelled, but while attending university, Jeremiah became seduced by spiritually degrading music and a bad crowd. His grades suffered, and he nearly dropped out.

But one day, while watching Amazing Facts by satellite, Jeremiah’s heart was moved and he immediately visited our website and began reading articles, downloading free books, and listening to programs your support has made possible.

“My life has never been the same,” he wrote me. “I had doubts about Christianity and the Sabbath, but you answered all my questions. I quit listening to secular music and deleted all the movies on my laptop.” He began reading his Bible and praying daily too. “I feel a profound peace in my heart. I know that God loves me.”

That’s exactly why we need to spend more energy in bringing the gospel to Africa. Jeremiah explains, “I feel God wants me to do something for Him in these last days. I just want you to know what a blessing you’ve been to me.”

Giant Multiplication
But how do we reach a continent with more than a billion people? The same way Jesus did—training and discipleship.

That’s why I’m thrilled to tell you that Amazing Facts has already committed to pouring rivers of Bible truth into the African countries of Zambia and South Africa. Churches in these places are pleading for help in training their members; they’re desperate to reach God’s lost children. We can’t merely listen to these heartfelt appeals without doing something! God’s call is clear.

Our plan to reach the lost in Africa and train members to be fishers of men is simple. With your help …

1) This January, AFCOE Africa will launch in Zambia, which has the largest concentration of Sabbath keepers in the world. This vast pool of believers are ready to reach the surrounding nations with the gospel!

2) Then in March, I will conduct revivals and evangelism training in the three largest cities of South Africa—Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg—which we pray will spark evangelism on a bigger scale.

3) We will also increase our media and literature presence, especially in southern Africa—buying more television time, translating more books and videos and distributing them to church members who desperately need these materials to do the Lord’s work.

Even as I write, our team in Nairobi has witnessed God’s Spirit working in the largest slum in Africa. Little children are flocking to our meetings. While it is heart-wrenching to see their impoverishment, it is thrilling to see how happy they are to receive Jesus. Thank you for helping to make this possible!

And remember when I wrote to you about the opportunity to broadcast Amazing Facts on the world’s largest Christian network, Trinity Broadcasting? Because of your generous response, we are already streaming God’s lifesaving message across Africa.

The Challenge Is Huge, But God Is Bigger!
At this special time of year when we think about how God has blessed our families, will you prayerfully ask what special love offering He wants you to give to feed the spiritually starving with heavenly food?

Let’s work to pour messages of God’s final warning to His children in Africa and elsewhere, partnering with the Holy Spirit to transform more hearts like Jeremiah’s!

With deep appreciation,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts
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