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Winning the Next Space Race!

April 01, 2017
Winning the Next Space Race!

An Amazing Fact:
One of the boldest dreams in history was set forth by John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961. With Russia ahead in the space race, the president challenged the USA to land a man on the moon before the end of the decade. He dared, “Now it is time … for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement.” On July 20, 1969, it happened—Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon!

I hope you are ready for the most daring evangelistic dream in Amazing Facts history!

This is a dream we’ve been praying about and working toward for more than a decade. And our goal, together with your prayerful support, will involve winning the “Grace Race,” a “Space Race,” and a “Place Race.” My prayer is that you will join arms with me on the single most important step of faith Amazing Facts has ever undertaken, to bring the faith of Jesus Christ to many thousands more souls hungering for truth.

Let me explain …

Winning the “Grace Race”

I often lie awake at night praying about how Amazing Facts can more effectively spread the gospel. I’m so thankful for the thousands we are reaching for the Lord, but then I remember that 80 million people are added to the world’s population each year—most of them in countries that know little about Jesus.

But with God’s help, Amazing Facts wants to start winning the “Grace Race” by spreading the gospel fast enough to catch up with the burgeoning population. This is why the Lord has placed a huge burden on my heart to greatly broaden our outreach.

Winning the “Space Race”
Today Amazing Facts has a different kind of “space” challenge—we are bursting at the seams with no room to grow. The limitations of our aging facilities are holding evangelism back, all while God is calling us to go into all the world!

Here is just a sample of the challenges at our current facilities:

  • Offices designed for one person now seat three or four—or more.
  • Our media studio cannot accommodate the sets and equipment needed for our evangelism productions—and noise from a nearby railyard frequently interrupts taping and forces us to re-record.
  • Our bulging warehouse requires us to dot our property with rented storage containers to hold the overflow of materials we ship to truth seekers.
The good news is that our “problem” is really an indication of God’s blessing. It shows that the Lord has used your faithfulness to multiply His work! Yet we are now at the crossroads of tremendous need and tremendous opportunity to expand.

Winning the “Place Race”

With the ministry growing, we knew for years that the day was coming when we would need a new place to do God’s end-time work—and we planned ahead!

Ten years ago, with the help of supporters like you, Amazing Facts purchased 75 beautiful acres on a hilltop overlooking Sacramento. Praise God—the land is all paid for and the permits necessary to build are now approved! “Let us rise up and build” (Nehemiah 2:18). God willing, we anticipate breaking ground for construction within the next few months. The time has come to build!

Amazing Facts Is Building
With your support, we are embarking on our biggest and most daring vision of faith: to build an international evangelism media and training facility we are calling “The W.O.R.D. Center”—World Outreach, Revival, and Discipleship. This new launchpad will provide:
  • A new home facility for office operations.
  • A 1,400-seat training and worship center where we can record, broadcast, and stream Amazing Facts programs, and which will also serve as a center of missionary training for thousands of men and women.
Your past support tells me we should boldly take these longer strides. Through current commitments and the sale of our existing property, we will have over 60 percent of the funds needed to complete this project. But we still need you and our other ministry co-laborers to step forward and meet the $9.5 million necessary to complete construction.

It’s All About Changing Lives

Every year, through your prayers and support, Amazing Facts is transforming thousands of lives for eternity. Lives like David, who writes, “Of all the Christian ministries I have watched, Amazing Facts consistently delivers biblical messages in an engaging way that appeals to both lifetime Christians and new Christians.”

And Christine says, “I like to see the truth go out to thousands of souls so that more people may choose to be in the kingdom.” Bringing people to an everlasting relationship with Jesus is the whole purpose of the W.O.R.D. Center.

A Daring Step of Faith

When I look at the faces of transformed people you have touched through your gifts to Amazing Facts, I am moved to ask you to take this daring step of faith with me by making your largest commitment ever.

Just as Ecclesiastes 11:1 promises, if you cast your bread on the waters now, it will return to you! I am asking that you pray if God would have you be part of this global mission. This evangelistic opportunity will not last forever. Will you join Amazing Facts in accomplishing this bold vision by building the W.O.R.D. Center to reach millions more for Christ?

Boldly forward in faith,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
Amazing Facts is a non-profit, donor-supported ministry.
We greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.
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