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Sending Tremors of Truth

May 01, 2017
Sending Tremors of Truth
An Amazing Fact: The largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 in Chile on May 22, 1960.  When this massive rumbler struck, sensitive equipment recorded seismic waves that traveled all around the globe.  These waves rippled through the world for several days!

Dear friend,

Your passion for the gospel is shaking the entire planet! Through your gifts toward the work of Amazing Facts, you are sending out seismic ripples of redemption being felt around the whole world, making a global difference for Christ’s kingdom. I was vividly reminded of this just last month when I sat in an audience stunned by what I heard.

You see, I was attending the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) annual convention, an event that helps to preserve religious expression on TV and radio. It also provides a chance to meet with other Christian ministries to see how technology can be used to reach more people for Jesus. While there, we often visit with internationally known Christian leaders.

During the convention, Amazing Facts was unexpectedly honored when our media team received the “Best Long-Form Video Award.” It’s encouraging to know that Amazing Facts is creating quality programs that are recognized publically as among the best in Christian media.  

But that’s not what especially shocked me …

“I Watch Your Programs!”
One of the guest speakers at the NRB this year was Satish Kumar. He is the pastor of the largest and fastest-growing church in the world.  Calvary Temple is in Hyderabad, India. It is a non-denominational, evangelical megachurch with 160,000 people attending five different services.

I had the opportunity to meet and visit with Pastor Kumar. As we shook hands, he asked for my picture. Then he told me, “I am so blessed by your programs. I watch Amazing Facts all the time.”

Imagine the joy I felt! Through your partnership, Amazing Facts has touched the heart of this very influential pastor … clear on the opposite side of the world! Yes—you are making spiritual seismic waves. Your gifts are reaching all around the globe.

The following day, I attended a presentation at which Pastor Kumar was the keynote speaker. He was telling the audience how he uses media in India to advance the gospel. As Kumar spoke, he spotted me in the crowd. Then he pointed me out and said how much he appreciated the ministry of Amazing Facts. He then began to quote from one of my messages regarding the Second Coming and the Sabbath!

I sat there stunned. I was hearing a prominent Christian leader openly recognize Amazing Facts. And incredibly, as he talked about the Sabbath truth, this room full of evangelical media leaders were saying “Amen!” This pastor is influencing millions in India and beyond, and through your support, you are influencing him.

I believe that, in the last days, many of these sincere Christian leaders will take their stand on the side of truth.  

A Global Mission

What does this all mean? It's very clear to me, friend, that your gifts are shaking the globe with the everlasting gospel. God is returning ten-fold in influence and changed lives. Pastors and lay preachers from different denominations across the world are utilizing Amazing Facts materials. Christian leaders are quoting from our sermons. You are providing words of truth through our website and global media outlets.

Friend, together with you, we are influencing God’s children in Babylon! Your gifts are shaking the world. However, there is much more to do!

Amazing Facts is reaching many places on the earth by satellite and the Internet. But I’m impressed that we need to also be on local cable television. It’s the only outlet for millions in burgeoning countries like India. In fact, after my encounter with Pastor Kumar, I began asking questions. “How can we increase our media presence in South Asia?” I want—as you do—for more people to hear present truth.

It is through faithful givers like you that people like Pastor Kumar hear the Bible truth. They then share these truths with their congregations. By the way, I asked Pastor Kumar, “If I come to visit you in India, will you let me preach?” He told me, “Of course.” Pray for the Lord to open that door if it is God’s will.

Without a doubt, your gifts to Amazing Facts help spread the three angels’ messages way beyond North America. You are touching the entire world through media, websites, and printed resources.

Seismic Waves of Truth
My brief encounter with Satish Kumar gripped me with conviction.  I hope it excites you as much as it does me!  But I believe God wants us to increase our global impact. This isn’t about Amazing Facts—it’s about lifting up the final warning to our whole planet before Jesus comes.

Right now, friend, I’m asking you to help shake our world for Christ.  Every dollar you give will expand our global satellite footprint, increase the number of languages, and multiply the message overseas.  I’m inspired when I think of how your gift today will reach more influential people like Pastor Kumar.  We sometimes underestimate the global impact God calls us to make in our world.  But you can know that people are feeling earthshaking truth because of you.  The full gospel will convict our neighbors around the world.  Jesus really is coming soon!

Shaking the world for Christ,

Pastor Doug
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