Freeing Souls Stuck in Babylon

An Amazing Fact: Recently, a couple in the United Kingdom had their leisurely walk turn into a desperate fight for survival.  Crossing a low spot along the English coast, they became stuck in quicksand.  As one struggled to help the other, they both sank up to their waists in the muck.  They knew that without outside help, the tide would soon come in and drown them.  A call to emergency services brought a Royal Air Force helicopter that rescued the couple in the nick of time.

Dear friend,

Kim was at the end of her rope and sinking fast.  But you helped save her in the nick of time.

You see, after her father died, Kim’s world turned upside down.  “His death horrified me,” she shares.  “He didn’t know where he was going when he died.”  Neither did Kim, which plunged her into a deep despair.

Countless souls feel the same way.  They don’t understand the real issues of life and death—and the confusing and unbiblical doctrines their churches teach only make matters worse.  Many are caught in the quicksand of deception and see no way out.

But God wants to rescue these precious souls trapped in Babylon—spiritual confusion and darkness.  And your sacrificial gifts to Amazing Facts are constantly freeing people stuck in the mire of Satan’s lies.  Like Kim …

A Broken, Sinking Life
Kim admits her life was a mess.  She had wealth—a big house, new cars, cash—but her unbelieving husband’s drinking destroyed their relationship.  They soon divorced, and that’s when Kim’s dad died.  Heartbroken, she turned to sin for comfort.  She says, I was “a messed up, out-of-control sinner.”  And then, to make matters worse, she discovered she had cancer.

Sometimes when people are at their lowest, they turn to God.  Kim searched the airwaves for real answers, and the Spirit led her to Amazing Facts programs.  She says, “God carefully guided me, drawing me step by step.”  The more videos she watched—made possible by you—the more it lifted her up to a new, richer understanding of the Bible.

Kim later met a believer named Daniel, and they married.  Together they began worshiping at a Sunday-keeping church—but all the while, they kept watching Amazing Facts.

Soon they discovered their church’s teachings were not squaring up with Scripture.  So they began an epic quest for a new church, eventually attending eight different denominations.  While they met many beautiful people, it seemed all these churches were in conflict with Bible truth.  None of them matched the Bible accuracy they were hearing on Amazing Facts.

Never underestimate the power of media, friend!  Truth-filled programs move people out of false churches—Babylon—and into God’s last-day movement.  Your faithful support is throwing a rescue rope to those gripped in the mire of deception.

The Truth Lifts People Up
Seekers everywhere, the confused and brokenhearted like Kim, are finding Bible truth and hope through Amazing Facts media.  Last year, more than 70,000 searching souls requested literature that you supplied after watching one of our programs.  You help transmit God’s last-day message to nearly every nation on earth!

Let’s return to Kim’s miracle story …

Logical, Consistent, and Biblical

As the pair continued searching for a Bible-believing church, Kim questioned countless pastors, asking why they seemed to ignore important Scripture teachings.  Many suggested that obedience to the commandments of God isn’t important—as if grace were nothing more than a free “get-out-of-hell” pass for sin.

“By contrast,” Kim shares, “what we were learning from Amazing Facts was logical, consistent, and most important—biblical.”

Kim says that when she heard me preach on the seventh-day Sabbath during a broadcast of Amazing Facts Presents, it was as if scales fell from her eyes.  Everything changed!  That message led Kim and her husband to find God’s remnant people of Revelation.  Because of you, the couple is now rejoicing in the truth and worshiping with a Sabbath-keeping congregation.  “We have so much peace and joy in our hearts!”

The loving pair praise God’s grace for her healing from cancer and are being re-baptized.  Kim affirms, “I have no doubt that God divinely guided us to Amazing Facts.”  She was once up to her elbows in the mire of sin and confusion, but now—thanks to you—she and Daniel are now standing on solid ground.

Millions Still Trapped in Babylon
Yet millions more are still standing hip-deep in sin, stuck in the mire of worldliness.  The tide is coming in—and without our help, they are doomed.  When the disciple Peter was sinking into the stormy waters of Galilee, Christ reached out His hand and pulled him up.  Likewise, through your continued partnership in ministry, you are extending Jesus’ hand to thousands more souls like Kim.

Whatever you can give this month, you can know your gift will touch many, just like Kim, who are searching for hope.

Kim and Daniel are new people because you cared.  Thank you for your generosity.  Time is so short and the harvest is still great—but together, through God’s Spirit, you and I can pull others from the miry clay of this earth and place their feet on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ.  So many people are at the end of their rope—let’s throw them a lifeline today!

Broadcasting for God’s glory,

Pastor Doug

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