Fighting Fake News With the Good News!

An Amazing Fact: A media company recently analyzed the trending issue of so-called “fake news”—a type of yellow journalism made of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes. It found that the top-20 fake news stories about the 2016 U.S. presidential election received more engagement on social media than the top-20 election news stories from traditional media outlets!

Dear friend,

C.H. Spurgeon said, “A lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on.” It’s a sad fact that fake news is often used to intentionally mislead millions so that deceivers can gain political or financial advantage. It also can undermine the real news because people get lost in the fog of misinformation and don’t know who or what to believe!

Of course, the problem of fake news has been around a long time. Satan is a master of deceptions about God. The devil swamps people every day with his lies about salvation, prophecy, and the afterlife—at a time when they desperately need to hear the bold truth!

You know what isn’t fake news? The fact that your generous support is cutting through Satan’s propaganda and revealing truth to tens of thousands every month—people like Darin …

At War with Satan’s Fake News
Darin was on a relentless search for spiritual truth. Most Sundays after church, he peppered his minister with Bible questions. Yet no matter how much he begged for real answers, they never came. But one day, all of that changed …

If you’re anything like me, you want “the plain truth”—a “thus says the Lord.” Well, that’s true for Darin too. He was tired of the vague replies to his sincere questions. He wasn’t satisfied with a fake gospel that just didn’t make sense. Darin wanted the Bible truth delivered to him straight!

That’s why I thank you, friend, for sending Darin direct answers that dramatically changed his life. For him, it happened when he was driving to work and “accidentally” heard Bible Answers Live on the radio. That was a divine appointment that your generous dollars make possible!

Flat on His Face
Of course, Satan did everything to block the truth from shining in Darin’s heart with more fake news. Darin had been convicted by what he heard on Bible Answers Live, and as Satan always does, he tried to distract Darin, to minimize what he was hearing, to pressure him to reject it.

It all came to a head when Darin talked about his journey with church friends. They said he was getting involved in a cult—imagine that! The Bible truth is “cultish”? Talk about fake news!

“I started to question myself,” Darin explains. Later at home, before going to bed, he went into the bathroom—“I laid flat on my face. I wanted to get as humble as I could and ask the Lord to show me if I was doing the right thing.”

The Bible says, “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up” (James 4:10). The Lord certainly kept his promise for Darin.

Something amazing happened. When he took his family to church, before the sermon began, the pastor unexpectedly called Darin and his wife to the front of the congregation. He then said, “The Holy Spirit told me to tell you that you are doing the right thing.”

When Darin heard these words, he says, “I almost passed out!” Not only that—today his family is part of a Sabbathkeeping church. Praise the Lord!

Out of Darkness
Every day you are helping to defeat Babylon’s fake news campaign. But you know as much as I do that fake news about Jesus and the Bible are still deceiving millions. That’s why I’m pleading with you today to help Amazing Facts EXPAND our media outreach so that we can quench the fires of these lies with the Water of Life.

Your gift today will shed light and change lives around the globe—I guarantee it. Thousands are studying our Bible lessons because of what they heard on the radio. Millions have visited our websites after watching our TV programs. And our media broadcasts—programs you make possible—have the potential to reach billions.

But don’t let big numbers blur your vision. Picture one soul, lying on a bathroom floor, face down, pleading to God for light. There are countless more people like Darin pleading for God’s truth. They long to do what is right even when the pressure is on. We must give these searching hearts real Bible answers. The Lord relies on you and me to shine His truth around the globe.

Time is short. Let’s put our dollars where we know they will make an eternal difference. Amazing Facts operates entirely by faith, and for more than half a century, God has been faithful. He will be faithful to you when you send your gift this month.

Whatever you can send will make a difference. Don’t believe the devil’s fake news that your gift can’t make a difference. You will make a difference in the war on God’s truth. Darin was desperate to follow the Lord. Because you gave, he could say, “Out of this whole big universe God spoke to me.” Will you join me in bringing more truth to another searching soul?

Boldly preaching God’s truth,

Pastor Doug
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