The High Cost of Redemption

An Amazing Fact: Joseph Stalin, feared dictator of the Soviet Union, never seemed to care for his eldest son, Yakov. While serving in the Red Army during World War II, Yakov was captured by the Germans. Stalin accused his son of surrendering like a coward and refused all offers to negotiate for Yakov’s release. Stalin allegedly said he would not trade a German field marshal for an “ordinary” soldier. Yakov later died in a POW camp. Joseph Stalin and his son Yakov

It is hard to imagine a father being so coldhearted that he would not be moved to ransom a captured child. But sadly, many professed Christians today care little about giving to redeem the millions of lost souls held hostage by Satan. They have been kidnapped by the devil’s lies and are waiting to be saved from his dungeons of darkness.

That’s why I’m so grateful to you—because every day your gifts funding the work of Amazing Facts are releasing people held fast by the evil one. Your support leads these captives into the arms of Christ, the One who paid a high cost for our redemption. Captives like Cyril, an engineer living in Nigeria …

Searching for Solid Ground

Cyril grew up attending a large Pentecostal church every Sunday. As a young boy, he felt confident that he knew God’s truth. But after several years, he started to question his faith. He says, “I began to feel a deep emptiness.”

That’s how people feel when the devil hides the true gospel from them. And that’s why Amazing Facts boldly preaches the foundational teachings of Scripture—something I’m planning to do this November. We want to connect the missing links in the chain of truth so people can understand God’s Word and experience His salvation.

Hungering for answers, Cyril regularly attended prayer meetings and other church programs. Still, he knew something was missing. “It all felt shallow,” he explains. 

“I’ll attend just one meeting …”

One day, Cyril’s office manager invited him to attend some church meetings that he promised would be “intellectually stimulating.” While Cyril wasn’t much interested in going to a different church, he had a high regard for the manager. So he decided to politely attend one meeting—and that would be it.

But that’s not what happened.

The meeting was a Daniel and Revelation prophecy seminar. The speaker was yours truly—speaking through a DVD presentation—and the message included the undiluted gospel of Christ.

You see, Cyril had never studied the book of Daniel; the insights were completely new to him. But, he writes, “It was clear from that first meeting that I had found the cure to my emptiness.” He sat hungrily on the front row for every meeting that followed, absorbing truth after truth—from the Sabbath to the true church.

That’s what happens when you support Amazing Facts—your dollars help ransom those held captive in darkness. And this brings me to something new ...

Foundations of Faith

Nearly 500 years ago, Martin Luther shook a fallen Christian church. He saw how pagan traditions had obscured real salvation and he sought to set captives free from deception.

Luther risked his very life to help redeem God’s people from the prison of ignorance. Can you and I do any less today when so much is at stake?

By God’s grace, as long as I’m president of this ministry, the Scriptures will be the sole foundation for our faith.

That’s why I’m so excited about our upcoming series, Foundations of Faith. This brand-new evangelistic program is as much about revival and reformation as it is about complete and total redemption. It’s about total truth!

From November 3 to 11, at 7:00pm ET, this stirring call to return to the Bible will be televised on the Hope Channel, 3ABN, and AFTV—and will be live streamed internationally on Facebook and YouTube! Visit to learn more.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

1. First, please pray for the meetings. Pray for me as I study and prepare—even at this very moment—for each presentation.

2. Second, please financially support these critical meetings. As I speak from the church’s world headquarters in Maryland, I believe the Holy Spirit wants to bring a sweeping revival among God’s children. Many people, both inside and outside God’s church, must firmly plant their feet on the solid rock of Scripture.

The Lord will use your gift to Amazing Facts to directly change lives for eternity—to call people to come out of Babylon and join God’s remnant people. Just ask Cyril who is now a baptized member of God’s remnant church! He’s also actively sharing his faith—all because you cared. Your gifts lifted him up and set his feet on solid ground. 

Be an Inspiration

Please support Foundations of Faith this month. Not only will thousands watch the live broadcast in November—but millions more will hear the message of redemption through recorded DVDs and rebroadcasts on major television networks, like Lifetime TV, and through web videos translated and sent out worldwide.

Cyril closed his note with, “Remain inspiring.” Will you help Amazing Facts continue to bring inspiration and liberation to millions more captives? Your compassion for the lost brings hope to those who long for the truth that will set them free.

Preaching redemption’s story,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

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