Reaching 1 Out of 5—A Bold Vision for China

An Amazing Fact:  Did you know that the Chinese invented paper, the compass, ice cream, and gunpowder?  And that even though China has roughly the same land mass as the United States, it has four times our population?  That means about one in five people on earth is Chinese!

Lanying* often prayed to her long-deceased ancestors, desperately searching for comfort.  Of course, her dead relatives could never bring her relief.  But you gave her hope!  Your ministry through Amazing Facts impacted this hurting young woman in China and led her family to the peace and healing found only in God’s Word.

During my first visit to the colossal land of China, I saw teeming masses of people—most of whom know nothing about Jesus—rushing through their days toward a hopeless future.

It breaks my heart knowing that even as mighty skyscrapers spring up in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong almost daily, few there know the mighty lifesaving power of Jesus Christ like you and I do.

The gospel is desperately needed in the land of the Red Dragon!  Only three percent of her 1.4 billion citizens claim the name of Christ—so there are still multiple millions of lost souls who don’t know that Jesus gave His life for them.

While freedom of religion is in China’s constitution, worship is still monitored by a government that actively encourages atheism.  Paradoxically, many Chinese still practice ancestor worship, Buddhism, Confucianism, Chinese astrology, and Feng shui.  Longing for meaning, peace, and security, even many secular people still seek after fortune tellers.

If only they could see that the Bible has true answers for them!  But how can we introduce people to Jesus in a land that has stifled Christian outreach for decades and where religious television and radio programs are forbidden?

Well, let me share how you helped reach Lanying and her husband …

Confused and Discouraged

As a young adult, Lanying had heard about the God of heaven and was even invited to a church.  After she got married, she and her husband attended several Sunday-keeping churches looking for truth.

But they soon became confused because each church taught something different.  These churches claimed to be “Bible-believing,” but they never seemed to follow the Word.  Lanying wanted solid answers, yet she was quickly becoming discouraged that she would ever find it.

Explosion of Evangelism

One of the most effective ways to reach God’s children with this vital message is through Internet evangelism.  And today, more than 52 percent of Chinese people can access the web, which is why Amazing Facts used your gifts to create the Chinese-language websites and, which contain a multitude of free Amazing Facts books, study guides, and videos full of Bible truth.

And God is using the explosion of social media in China to attract thousands with Bible questions to Amazing Facts, where a dedicated team gives real Bible answers and lasting hope to thousands searching for truth online.  These resources are then copied and shared endlessly from family to family and friend to friend.

This brings me back to Lanying!

“I Want to Hear the Truth”

By now, she and her husband were only sporadically attending church, and she felt restless in her heart.  That’s why, one more time, she earnestly prayed, “God, I really do want to hear Your truth.”  That’s right when the Lord led her to!

Lanying says, “The first video I watched was Final Events of Bible Prophecy.”  She was so impressed, she watched it again and again.  “Each time I watched, I compared it with the Bible.  It was completely faithful!”

She was even more excited to discover the Sabbath truth.  Yet when Lanying tried to share the true day of worship with her friends, they called her a heretic and kicked her out of the study group.  Once again, she felt alone, confused, desperate—not knowing where to turn.  “I felt as if I had been abandoned in the wilderness.  I wanted to find a church that followed the Word of God and practiced baptism by immersion.”

But you opened doors to her when Lanying and her husband finally contacted Amazing Facts through our Chinese-language website.  We found them a church home where they could worship in spirit and truth.  Today, they are baptized members of God’s remnant church.  Praise the Lord!

Never Giving Up

Friend, you’re making a tremendous difference in China.  As a co-worker with Amazing Facts, you are bringing a massive harvest for God’s kingdom.  That’s why I pray today that you won’t give up, because we have more people to reach in China and the rest of the world.  Otherwise, where will they turn to for lasting hope?

In this season of giving, will you set aside a little more to help lead others in China and elsewhere to discover truth in Christ Jesus?  Indeed, you may even want to pray about increasing your regular gift because I have been invited to return to China in 2018 to conduct a public evangelistic program. Please pray God will remove any obstacles and that many will be saved.  The enormous need to reach those who don’t know Christ is pressing!  When you give, you can know you will guide more people like Lanying to God’s Word.

Serving a God of giant opportunities,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

*Names have been changed to protect individuals in China.

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