Confronting the Greatest Mission Challenge

An Amazing Fact: Hinduism, the largest religion in India, is also the third largest in the world —after Christianity and Islam. Because Hinduism is a form of pantheism, Hindus can choose from nearly 330 million gods to worship—each woven into a myriad of fables about creatures, planets, and the forces of nature. Countless hybrid human-animal idols can be found everywhere in temples, dedicated to everything from elephants to monkeys and even rats!

Did you know that one in every five people on earth lives in India? Even though its landmass is only a third the size of the United States, India is projected to soon be the world’s most populous nation, surpassing even China! Today, 1.3 billion people inhabit the Land of the Tiger, and its influence is growing every day.

We have an amazing opportunity today to answer God’s call by proclaiming His last-day message to multiplied millions in India. If we are going to obey the Great Commission and “go into all the world” (Mark 16:15), we must not overlook this place—where only two percent proclaim the name of Jesus.

From 1999 to 2006, Amazing Facts held numerous large and successful public evangelistic meetings and planted many churches in India. Thousands were baptized during these programs, but now this kind of public outreach is no longer permitted.

Despite these obstacles, Amazing Facts continues expanding its evangelistic efforts in this unique country. While opportunities for public preaching have diminished, prospects for reaching people through media and the Internet have greatly increased!

A Media Miracle

While public preaching is banned in India, there are still several powerful ways to reach multiplied millions in that nation. One method that Amazing Facts is effectively pursuing—with your support—is television. Because India is a Hindu country, a limited number of Christian TV channels exist and time slots are difficult to obtain. But God providentially worked this out for Amazing Facts long ago.

In 1999, Amazing Facts conducted an evangelistic series in Chennai, India. Thousands attended. During that series, we developed a strong friendship with Ashvin and his father Nehru, whose family ministry taped our meetings. They were deeply impressed by the messages. You can imagine our joy when we discovered Ashvin and Nehru are the biggest Christian media distributors in India today.

Because of this friendship, we have been broadcasting our programs on Good News Television—one of the few national Christian TV channels in the country. This English-language station broadcasts Amazing Facts programs on four major satellites and all the major cable networks throughout India. It’s an amazing opportunity to share Bible truth.

Social Media Explosion

Media analysts say that smartphones have become the new “normal” in India. They can be seen everywhere among all classes and are an integral part of daily life. Facebook dominates the social media world, and much of their recent growth comes from India, where more than seven million people join Facebook each month. And the number of people in India who access the Internet has gone through the roof. We can use this Internet power for Christ! 

Speaking of “social” media, one of my favorite authors explained, “Social power, sanctified by the Spirit of Christ, must be improved in bringing souls to the Savior” (Ministry of Healing, p. 496). God wants Amazing Facts to use every method possible to evangelize the world. Will you help us?

A Bold Mission

Next month, for the first time in ten years, I will be returning to India with a small team and a special mission. During our power-packed two-week trip, we’ll …

Expand plans for AFCOE India

Speak to Bible School students and pastors

Meet with the largest Christian media distributor about increasing Amazing Facts TV programs in this booming country

Discuss plans for accelerating the presence of Amazing Facts on the web (a Hindi website) and through social media

Plan to translate more of our truth-filled materials into Hindi

None of this will be possible without your loving support!

I’m also thrilled to tell you that God has just opened a door for Amazing Facts to expand onto a Hindi-language station to reach the people of India. I hope your heart is moved, like mine, for the hopeless millions who know nothing about the soon coming of Jesus. Your gift this month will help us reach this goal while also continuing our outreach around the world.

Please pray for me and our team going to India next month—and ask God what He would have you do to be a vital part of this mighty work. Your gift will make a profound difference in the lives of these dear people who need to know Jesus and hear His last-day truth. Will you join me—through God’s power—in changing more lives in India?

Reaching a billion for Christ with you,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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