Heartache and Hope in the Holy Land

An Amazing Fact: Israel is the only nation in history that has been dispossessed three times and yet survived as a distinct people and nation. Over a timespan of four thousand years, the Egyptians, Babylonians, and the Romans overran and scattered her people, yet today, Israel remains one of the most dynamic, prosperous, and free nations on earth. Is this coincidence or prophecy? Sadly, most Israelis today still do not realize that Jesus is the Messiah, the central figure of their prophecies. 

I must tell you—it’s a strange mix of hope and heartbreak to stand near the birthplace of the Messiah, to walk streets that virtually ooze with biblical history, and to know that the vast majority of souls, Jews and Muslims, in the Holy Land are clueless about Jesus. They simply don’t know that He came to deliver them from an enemy far greater than Egypt, Babylon, and Rome combined.

That’s why I want to thank you for opening the door for Amazing Facts to share the everlasting gospel in Israel. The Lord hasn’t given up on our Jewish and Arabic friends in the Holy Land—in fact, we are reaching some of them even now!

Flashpoint of Prophecy

Israel has been a focal point of God’s prophetic fulfillment for ages. For instance, our Jewish tour guide directed our attention to a massive pile of stones by the old temple, explaining how these very rocks were tossed down by the Romans in AD 70, unwittingly fulfilling the prophecy Jesus made in AD 30: “I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down” (Matthew 24:2).

It was exhilarating to stand in so many places where Bible prophecy became historic fact—and to be reminded that every word of prophecy in Scripture will come to pass. Soon and very soon, a powerful religious confederacy will rise up and enforce false worship, persecuting the saints because they keep God’s commandments and have the Spirit of Prophecy—just as Revelation foretells.

The Devil’s Deceptive Doctrines

But as natural disasters (volcanoes, floods, earthquakes) and wars and rumors of war (Syria, Iran, Israel) mount up, Satan has twisted people’s understanding of last-day prophecy. The devil’s deceptive doctrines about a “secret rapture” and the rebuilding of a third temple are blinding people to the truth right before their eyes. Prominent Evangelical leaders have proclaimed that the opening of the new U.S. embassy is evidence for the approaching secret rapture and a third temple, where they say the antichrist will eventually be enthroned.

Little do they realize, the man of sin has already taken his place on the throne of God’s temple, His church, claiming to be God! And once more, Protestant denominations are eagerly reaching across the gulf to unite with the papacy.

The pope recently called for prayers to Mary, the “Queen of Peace,” for the unity of the church and for peace in the Middle East—and spiritualism is still rising among North American Christians. Who will warn deceived souls of these dangers?

The Rampart of Truth!

Because of your support, Amazing Facts has been proactive in sharing the truth about prophecy in Israel and the rest of the Middle East for years on networks like Daystar, TBN, and Middle East Television.

And the evidence that you’re making a difference was easy to see as I walked the streets of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and beyond. Locals and tourists from around the globe boldly walked up to thank me for the ministry you’re making possible every month.

For instance, I was stopped by a Baptist preacher from Chicago who said, “I need to thank you for your ministry. I was lost and out in the world, then I began watching your programs. You brought me to the Lord.” Providential encounters like this happened at least a dozen times—even though I wore a baseball cap and sunglasses most of the time!

One precious soul named Philomena came up to tell me she was baptized as a result of watching our programming in Israel. Overflowing with joy, she slipped me a donation for continued ministry.

A mission dear to my heart is reaching my fellow Jews with the gospel. Thank you for providing the funds to meet this need. It was soul-wrenching to see so many Orthodox Jews praying at the Wailing Wall for the coming of the Messiah—yet profound to know that because of you, Amazing Facts is sharing that He has already come and liberated them from the captivity of sin!

While our new Final Events of Bible Prophecy sharing magazine was just released and our new Kingdoms in Time prophecy documentary is expected to be ready in August, we have more work to do, friend—and the time is shorter than it has ever been.

No Time to Delay!

As last-day prophecies explode off the pages of the Bible and into the headlines, it’s vital for you and Amazing Facts to present a true picture so everyone has an opportunity to embrace Jesus. Because of your love for souls, powerful prophecy programs are being aired on stations around the world.

Your gift today will help get God’s final warning message into more homes in the coming months. People are anxious in light of today’s earthshaking events, and you and I can bring them the only peace that lasts. Please don’t delay—your help is urgently needed.

Yours in the true faith,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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