Four Minutes that Changed Everything

An Amazing Fact: The first American television station began broadcasting 90 years ago on July 2, 1928.  After World War II, television became so popular that by 1948, more than a million U.S. homes had one.  But today 99 percent of homes have at least one TV—and 66 percent have at least three!

Four minutes!  That’s all it took to change two lives for all eternity.  Ronnie and her husband Steve had been rushing to pack up and leave after having been on vacation—when she caught an Amazing Facts program playing on the TV in their hotel room.

It wasn’t an accident.  It was Providence, because your gifts bring God’s lifesaving truth to over 750,000 searching souls, just like Steve and Ronnie, every week on television.  No other media reaches the masses for Jesus Christ like that!

But without your gifts, the eternal Bible truths sent through the airwaves would diminish and the number of lives changed around the world would decline.  It’s only through your generous giving that nearly 40 million people annually watch Amazing Facts programs, learning God’s truth and finding real, lasting hope for their future!

And sometimes, just FOUR MINUTES of the programs you help broadcast make all the difference.  Let me tell you more about Ronnie and Steve…

Four Minutes of Powerful Truth

Mary had always had nagging questions about the faith of her childhood.  She struggled to harmonize her church’s beliefs with what the Bible actually says.  Of course, there are millions more like her struggling today.

As Ronnie and Steve were rushing to pack up their suitcases that day, they left the TV on as background noise.  Suddenly, Ronnie recalls, “Pastor Doug’s voice caught my attention.  I heard just four minutes of the program, but it resonated with me.”

After they returned home to Pennsylvania, Ronnie earnestly searched for Amazing Facts on TV, but she couldn’t locate us.  She tried on and off for years to find our broadcasts but without success.

Friend, I’m sorry to say she couldn’t find our programs because we did not have the funds to broadcast in her area.  Amazing Facts is entirely dependent on you and our other friends to reach “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” with lifesaving truth (Revelation 14:6).

“I found it!”

Fast forward a few years, and Ronnie was still seeking to understand the Scriptures.  She often prayed earnestly, “Lord, if You will show me truth, I promise I will follow it.”  The Lord will never let a prayer like that go unanswered!  I’m thrilled to say that soon after, she “just so happened” to discover Amazing Facts on the Inspiration Network.

She was so excited, she called out to Steve, “I found it!  This is it!”  She immediately began recording Amazing Facts’ programs and studying the messages you helped put in her home every week.

The teachings Steve and Ronnie heard transformed their lives.  They let God’s Word change them inside and out—and although they had no idea what a Sabbathkeeping church was, they kept studying with Amazing Facts.

You know the re-creating power of God’s sanctifying truth in your own life.  When people are open to His Word, the messages convict the conscience and lead them to a closer walk with the Lord.  But unless the Word goes out, lives will not be changed.  “How shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14).

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

It was a typical Saturday afternoon when Steve and Ronnie heard a knock at their door.  When Steve answered and met two people going door to door, he called Ronnie over.  The couple on their porch, Jaime and Camie, “happened to have” a postcard advertising an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar.

When Ronnie saw it, she exclaimed, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Not long after, Steve and Ronnie attended the meetings as Jaime and Camie led them through the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides.  They were so hungry for truth, they quickly devoured two or three lessons each week.

Today, Steve and Ronnie are baptized members of a church family they adore.  What a joy it was for me to personally meet them in Pennsylvania, where I presented revival messages a few weeks ago.

Broadcasting Wins Souls

While I’m thrilled Steve and Ronnie found new life in God’s truth, I am saddened that it took them ten years to find our programs again simply because we were unable to reach their part of the world due to lack of funds.

We live in critical times and have an urgent responsibility to help others find Bible truth.  That’s why, as funds become available, Amazing Facts always expands our reach.  But as giving shrinks, we have to cancel stations.  My heart breaks, because I know that the more airtime we have, the more people will find Jesus.

At the same event in Pennsylvania where I met Ronnie and Steve, I met dozens more who found the last-day church through Amazing Facts broadcasts.  People frequently approached Karen and me to say, “We’re here because of Amazing Facts.”

That’s why I hope you’ll never underestimate the power of your gift in broadcasting plain truth.  Just $10 will reach 70 people per week; $100 will help 700 people know Christ; and $1,000 can change 7,000 lives for eternity.  Your support is especially needed right now during these lean summer days.  Will you please stand with me in broadcasting Christ’s final message to the world by sending a gift this month?

Thank you for broadcasting the everlasting gospel to desperate hearts.  Please keep standing with Amazing Facts with your gift this month so others can know truth.  Four minutes is all it takes!

Knowing every minute counts,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

P.S. Ronnie says, “All those mornings as I walked and prayed for light, Jesus answered!”  On behalf of Steve and Ronnie, I thank you for turning just four minutes of time into an eternity with Jesus.  Will you help even more people like Steve and Ronnie find solid Bible teachings?  Thank you for your gift this month!

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