Freeing Captives from the Devil’s Darkness

An Amazing Fact: For more than 70 years, the North Korean people have been taught to live in constant fear of imminent attack from the United States.  Dictators, like Kim Jong-un, have manipulated citizens through a vise-like grip on media.  All news originates from the government’s propaganda bureau—no independent media allowed.  Even radios are fixed so they receive only government channels.  Anyone caught modifying one to receive news from the outside world faces prison, torture, and death.

Today I want to share with you one of the most moving letters I’ve ever received from a soul—a life you helped transform because you support the truth-sharing mission of Amazing Facts.

Her name is Annette.  But before I get ahead of myself …

Satan has succeeded in deceiving the world about God through his evil, lying propaganda (Revelation 12:9).  And like the masses in North Korea, most people live under the devil’s dome of darkness and dread (Colossians 1:13).  This dictator dominates media and does all he can to dampen every signal of hope sent from heaven.

Perhaps nowhere is this spiritual battle more significant than the one being waged on the Internet.  But while Satan has sought to dominate this medium, God is also using this powerful, global information superhighway to set people free with the light of truth.

So the BIG question is: Will you help break through Satan’s monopoly of misinformation with the truth of God’s eternal kingdom and His Word?

I sincerely hope you say “YES!”, because your partnership with Amazing Facts has already helped thousands escape from the devil’s dominion … people like Annette.

The Bible Truth Tangled

Annette was just sixteen when she sent me what just might be the most moving testimony I’ve ever read.

Like so many others, she grew up in a Protestant faith that told her if she wasn’t saved, God would toss her into an endless blazing hellfire to be tortured for eternity.  To make matters worse, she also learned that God had already predetermined whom He would save and condemn.  So even if she asked Jesus to save her, she could never really be sure she was one of “the elect.”

Of course, these doctrines left Annette living in constant paralyzing fear of never-ending suffering!

The pain Satan caused Annette with these twisted deceptions was so profound, it gave her traumatic nightmares and suicidal thoughts.  Thus, instead of trusting her salvation to Jesus, she was driven to “buy” her way out of hell through good works.  But such lies can never bring lasting peace.

Truth Penetrates the Devil’s Dominion

Seeking for any kind of peace, Annette apprehensively searched the web one day for information about hellfire.  It was a shot in the dark, right?  So much of the Internet is made up of spiritual deceptions that finding eternal truth is like looking for the proverbial “needle in a haystack.”

But what do you think happened next?  As Annette said a prayer and searched, God led her straight to my sermon about the lake of fire.  As she listened, with Bible in hand, she was astonished.  She felt the chronic burden of fear lift from her heart—and realized for the first time that God is a loving Father whom she could love back.

The truth she heard about God transformed her life!  She was so excited, she sat down and wrote me a beautiful, eloquent letter to say “thank you” for freeing her from Satan’s prison of constant fear.

Well, friend, her thanks really belongs to you—because God used you to share the plain truth about hell through Amazing Facts websites.

Truth Sets All of Us Free

I think Annette’s story moves me so because it is also my story.  Like her, it was far easier for me to reject God than try to reconcile “God is love” with eternal torment.

Yet that all changed when someone left a Bible in my cave up in the hills above Palm Springs.  Reading the truth about God for myself is why I’m here today!

And when you give to Amazing Facts, you place the saving Word of God on multiple prominent paths where people are likely to discover it—breaking Satan’s monopoly by planting bold biblical truth in every corner of the web in multiple languages.

We see the results every day with letters of gratitude from souls like Annette, who had a hopeless end turned into an endless hope!

The World Needs an Infusion of Truth

That’s why we invest so much into direct Internet evangelism.  Consider that just last month, we debuted a much-needed overhaul of  It’s perfect for those searching for the truth.  Please share it with friends!

And so far this year, Amazing Facts has joyfully received 5.4 million visits on sites like and  That’s 22,000 hits every day!

Even now, we’re working on a new long-term web outreach effort called “Answers to the Big Bible Questions.”  These short but powerful five-minute videos for YouTube and Facebook will answer vital questions about such doctrines of hellfire, Sabbath, death, the rapture, speaking in tongues, and more.

Of course, this isn’t free.  Amazing Facts’ web evangelism budget is $70,000 this month alone and $277,568 for the rest of this year.  It takes a wealth of staff—programmers, graphic designers, writers, and administrators … not to mention buying bandwidth, servers, and other equipment—to reach hearts yearning for spiritual freedom.

Will you please prayerfully consider sending a gift to help people searching for truth with this project and other online evangelism?  Your gift of $10 will share this gospel truth with 368 online seekers.  And $25 will reach 920.  A gift of $100 will bring peace to 3,679 souls like Annette.  But whatever God puts on your heart to send, you can know that every dollar will be used to free a soul for Jesus.

Like the North Korea propaganda machine, Satan seeks to control people with his deceptions, but you can liberate them!  Your gift today will help deliver Bible truth to thousands of seekers on the Internet, while also helping to continue all of Amazing Facts other outreach efforts.  I promise that your gift this month will be used to reveal truth to a broken heart.  Thank you in advance for your gift!

Breaking the devil’s chains,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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