URGENT! From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

Dear friend,

I’m writing to you now about an incredible but time-sensitive opportunity to bring everlasting truth to millions in the Middle East—to souls who have never heard the three angels’ messages.  I’m praising God today for unexpectedly opening this giant door, but I’m also desperately praying that you will boldly walk through it with me.  Let me explain—

For years, the government in Iran has been the world’s biggest sponsor of terror.  And according to Open Doors, which monitors Christian persecution globally, Iran is a top offender when it comes to religious oppression.  Yet at the same time, according to Operation World, the honest-hearted people living in this second-largest Middle Eastern nation are more open to Christianity than ever before.

In fact, the BBC just ran a headline asking, “Why are Iranians running out of hope?”  Saddled with new economic sanctions, Iran’s economy is in free fall.  The summer has also brought scorching heat and unrelenting drought.  These precious Iranians are searching today for answers, and now you can help send God’s Word to the eager listeners who want to hear from the outside world and who need the gospel in their own tongue!

Across the Middle East and Europe, more than 130 million people speak Farsi, Iran’s official language.  And now, by God’s grace, Amazing Facts can acquire an unprecedented time-slot on a Farsi-language satellite channel called Network 7, which also reaches Afghanistan, North Africa, Europe, and more.  However, we can only get on and stay on this station with your help.  I don’t want to say “no” to these dear souls!

Satellite TV is a powerful and effective medium to communicate Jesus’ love in the heart of this ancient civilization.  More than 55 million Iranians have satellite dishes, giving them the opportunity to hear faithful Christian messages in the privacy of their own homes and away from government interference.  We must deliver the end-time message to them while we can!

As part of our plan to reach them, we’re translating all our programs into Farsi, so these millions will hear God’s message in their preferred tongue.  It’s like making Acts 2 happen all over again!

The beautiful thing is, after watching our programs, they can then immediately download our Farsi Study Guides for free from the Internet—and share them with others.

Only a small percentage of people in Iran and Afghanistan openly claim to be Christian, but there are many closet believers.  One lady from the region wrote to tell me that Amazing Facts is “an oasis in a dry land.”  Let’s not forget our brethren starving for God’s Word in these foreign lands!

I realize this is last-minute, but would you respond today so that Amazing Facts can jump on this unique opportunity?  The prophet Daniel was a faithful witness to the ancient Persians, spreading the knowledge of the true God.  And like a modern Daniel, you can also witness for Christ and proclaim His soon return in the same country and beyond.

The estimated cost for an entire year is $100,000 for production, translation, and airtime.  This is incredibly inexpensive for reaching millions every week, but this was simply not in our budget, so Amazing Facts needs a special gift from friends like you to make it a reality.  Your gift today of $20, $40, or $100—or whatever God leads you to give—will send biblical truth to millions tuning their satellite dishes to the skies, searching for hope and relief.  Let’s not disappoint them!  You will be storing eternal treasure in heaven.

To show my gratitude when you respond to this urgent request, I will send you my special message “Sibling Rivalry,” the first part in my series called Islam, Christianity & Prophecy.  This is a vital, life-changing message in these last days, so please share it!  And please remember to include your prayer requests on the back of the enclosed card.

This is a crucial time to broadcast present truth, but it won’t always be possible.  So please help us move forward quickly to win more souls for Jesus Christ!

To every tongue and people,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts

P.S. Millions of Farsi-speaking seekers across the Middle East are pointing satellite dishes to the heavens.  You can send them hope through your gift today, helping to put our Christ-centered programs on Network 7 and reaching countless hurting lives in Iran, Afghanistan, and beyond—in their native tongue.  Thank you for your much-needed gift!

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