A Population & Evangelism Explosion

An Amazing Fact: The world’s population is now more than 7.6 billion souls—and growing by 200,000 people every day. By 2025, it will surpass 8 billion! World economists say that humans are overconsuming earth’s resources faster than they can be replenished, quickly reaching a tipping point from which we could never recover.

Are you anything like me—troubled every time you read about the global population explosion and how we’ll ever fulfill Jesus’ command to “preach the gospel to every creature”? Is completing such a daunting task is even possible?

Then I remember Jesus’ promise: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). What thrilling assurance! And He’s using you to do it. Because you have faithfully stood with Amazing Facts, the Spirit’s mathematics have exponentially multiplied our efforts in 2018 and carried His saving truth farther than we could have ever imagined!

So will you please let me take a moment to remind you just how vital your gifts have been to this soul-winning explosion over the past year?

From Africa and India …

Deep in the heart of Africa, I witnessed God’s power during Amazing Facts’ Prophecy Countdown outreach in Uganda. The Lord actually stopped the rain every night during the rainy season before each meeting. The locals were so impressed by this obvious miracle, the crowds swelled to 8,000 souls—all hearing the Word proclaimed. Because of your support, on the final Sabbath, 337 souls were baptized into God’s remnant church!

In the spring, your gifts took the Amazing Facts team to India, where just two percent are Christian and new government policies are making public evangelism much more difficult. Yet God’s power prevailed, as I openly preached a Revelation series that sent shockwaves of truth inside a district in which His last-day message had never been presented!

And in the city of Hyderabad, I met with Satish Kumar, pastor at Calvary Temple, the largest and fastest-growing church in the world. Dr. Kumar, who regularly watches Amazing Facts, gave me the opportunity to share the last-day message with an audience of 23,000 people.

… to Israel and Beyond!

Amazing Facts’ whirlwind of global evangelism in 2018 also took us to Dubai, where Bible truth was heard by thousands in a remarkable opportunity to bring revival and the light of Christ into an Islamic nation.

Then in May, your gifts opened the door to proclaim the truths of the three angels in Jerusalem, including a powerful message broadcast live across the entire region. While this troubled area of the world continues to experience Satan-inspired conflict, your loving support is now consistently sharing the peace that only comes in Christ—throughout Israel and the Middle East on such networks as Daystar, TBN, and Middle East Television. We’re even translating new programs for broadcast in Iran!

I saw real evidence in the streets of Jerusalem that you’re making a global difference in individual lives, as many strangers walked up to me to thank Amazing Facts … that means you, friend! … for changing their lives. One of the most meaningful moments for me all year was leading thirty souls into the Jordan River and immersing them in the same waters where Jesus was baptized.

Transformational Resources and More

Your abiding love of God’s end-time work also expanded the publishing work with Kingdoms in Time, a stunning new documentary from Amazing Facts that explores the most striking Bible predictions fulfilled throughout history. And don’t let me forget The Final Events of Bible Prophecy magazine, a colorful, soul-convicting resource that you’ve already helped deliver into the hands of seekers in at least 35 nations to date.

In 2018, Amazing Facts also debuted the online AFCOE course Amazing Disciples, which received an overwhelming response—more than 600 students across the globe enrolled in the first three weeks! With your help, even more church members are becoming effective witnesses for Christ, exponentially sharing the last-day message everywhere.

One outreach effort you made possible was especially close to my heart, as the Amazing Facts Bible School reached those even in the most hopeless places. You supplied inmates in 2,745 North American correctional facilities with free Bible Study Guides, books, and DVDs—giving them a chance at new life in Jesus Christ.

A Worldwide Ministry

Friend, it’s a simple fact: In 2018, you made a profound difference in the hearts of so many people internationally. But don’t just take my word for it … 

“I received The Richest Caveman, which brought tears to my eyes as I read about you accepting Christ. I have now made a profession of faith in God’s remnant church.” —Bill, California

“Your website has helped me so much. The free online library gives me something important to read and share with over 100 of my email friends.” —Habiman, Rwanda

“On behalf of thousands of listeners who hear Amazing Facts on our local FM station, thank you for the boldness to speak truth.” —Emelyn, the Philippines

“I stumbled on your Revelation series at a military base in Africa. I watched them and it made me question my beliefs on the fourth commandment. Thanks to you, my perception of Sabbathkeepers has changed.” —Neftali, Africa

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach.” This was the driving force behind everything Amazing Facts accomplished in 2018—and you were the fuel that took us to every far-flung corner of this crowded, dark planet. What more can I say than thank you, thank you, thank you—a million times, thank you?

Onward, Christian Soldier

Friend, your kindness proves that you have my same heart and my same belief that nothing is more needed right now in this broken world than the message of salvation. And Amazing Facts won’t stop until Jesus’ command is fulfilled.

That’s why for 2019, we are finalizing plans to reach the hurting in major cities from America and Europe all the way to China and remote islands in the Pacific. We’re also plotting a new outreach event to save God’s precious children, Satan’s favorite target in these last days. And we’re developing new sharing materials about the sanctuary and God’s creation—while setting the course for a massive social media and global onslaught that will unashamedly share the Bible truth!

Our Urgent Mandate: Reach Everyone!

You have my deepest gratitude for your support throughout 2018, but your much-needed, ongoing support in 2019 will ensure that the mission of Amazing Facts will continue moving like a shockwave around the planet until Jesus returns.

And while I look forward to partnering with you to advance God’s kingdom in 2019, as you can imagine, this mighty work in 2018 has depleted our outreach funds significantly. We still need you in these final days of the year! Will you please send an urgent year-end gift today to help Amazing Facts step boldly into 2019? Nothing I’ve shared with you today could have happened without you—yes, your faithfulness is really that important to the global billions headed toward a Christ-less grave. 

Friend, as the global population bomb explodes, God’s mandate to Amazing Facts to reach the world is more urgent than ever. But I cannot do it alone. Your gift today will help me know that you’re standing by my side to fulfill God’s mission. Thank you!

Faithful to the end,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

P.S. And don’t forget, if your gift is postmarked by December 31, it is fully deductible on your 2018 tax return. So give sacrificially, give big, knowing the Lord will multiply your resources for growing His kingdom. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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