Finding the Needle of Truth in a Haystack of Lies

An Amazing Fact: James Sterling Moran was a legendary publicist famous for stunts like selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo and helping an ostrich hatch its egg to promote a movie. But his biggest stunt might be when he searched for a needle in a haystack to publicize a piece of real estate that was for sale. He eventually found the needle after ten days!

Your partnership with Amazing Facts is yielding an eternal crop! Nicole was sitting at her computer, praying earnestly as she searched online for answers—and thanks to you, she found it: God’s lifesaving truth!

As you know, searching for truth on the Internet is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. But what if someone were to drop a thousand needles in that same haystack? Your odds of finding a needle would dramatically increase!

Well, there is so much spiritual rubbish on the web that it can be difficult to find any faith-nourishing truth. Yet through your partnership, every year millions of seekers are encountering the real message of Jesus Christ as they search for meaningful answers on the information superhighway.

Let me tell you more about how you helped Nicole …

Aching to Be Free

After high school, tired of stealing just so she could have something to eat, Nicole began searching for a job that would take her far away from the poverty and pain of her life. So she was thrilled when a friend showed her a newspaper ad seeking dancers for a resort.

It seemed to be the answer to all her problems. She’d always wanted to be a dancer, and the ad promised great pay. Her family even helped her purchase a bus ticket, and Nicole set off with dazzling visions of dancing in a new musical show.

But as you know, the devil has no shortage of deceptive snares for lost souls. Each day, millions look to the Internet for happiness but end up falling for lies that lead to Satan’s prison house. This is why Amazing Facts is committed to providing life-changing resources on our 35 unique websites, helping seekers like Nicole find the pure love of God!

Lie After Lie

As you might expect, Nicole went further downhill as soon as she stepped off the bus. She says, “The bubble burst pretty fast—a seedy-looking guy, a rundown building, and girls on stage wearing practically nothing.”

Young and alone, Nicole felt overcome. “I was miles from home with no money, scared out of my mind, and with what appeared to be no choice but to take the job.” Sadly, in desperation, that’s what she did.

Nicole hoped to dance just enough to buy a ticket back home, but once she started down the devil’s vortex, those weeks turned into months, those months into years. Her life grew darker, her guilt deeper. Nicole says that in those days, her life was “a big ball of deceit packaged attractively—but, in reality, lie after lie.”

This is exactly why our website team carefully constructs and optimizes our websites—from to—to reach more seekers like Nicole with the truth. Combined with your prayers and gifts, our Internet ministry helps tens of thousands of souls discover biblical answers to their deepest questions.

Craving Truth

Nicole says that, one day, “I looked at my life and realized that I was destroyed.” That very day, she cried out to Jesus for forgiveness—believing that no matter how ugly her sin, He would forgive her and make her clean. She also embarked on a new journey.

While reading her Bible, Nicole discovered that the Sabbath was actually Saturday—yet she was disheartened to discover that most churches observed Sunday as their day of worship. Her prayer was that God would lead her to His true church.

She still vividly remembers the moment when her prayer was powerfully answered. “I landed on the Amazing Facts website. Here I was, asking Jesus to lead me, and what do you know, I was on your website at that very moment. It all clicked!”

Friend, that means God used you to perform a modern-day miracle in Nicole’s life. He helped her find that needle of truth in the haystack of deceit! And your ongoing support enables Amazing Facts to keep creating thousands of similar opportunities online for lost seekers to encounter.

But this is only possible because we invest so much time, energy, and funds into Internet evangelism. As a result, we received more than 9.5 million visits on sites like and last year—that’s an arena-sized crowd of 26,000 people encountering the Word of God every day!

Amazing Facts Bible School 2.0

Part of God’s ministry online is the Amazing Facts Bible School, a key outreach for transforming souls like Nicole. That’s why, with millions still turning to the Internet each day, we believe that God is now leading us to overhaul the Bible School website—and to promote it so that millions more can find truth and be impacted by its proven life-changing information.

The new Bible School website will feature updated lessons and will be designed for easier navigation for those seekers using mobile devices. It will also maximize social media integration so that you can share it on sites like Facebook and be notified when your friends and family complete the online Bible study course. Plus, we’re enhancing the translation system so that even more people around the globe can study God’s truth in their own languages.

However, to make this project a reality, we need your help today. Our international web evangelism budget is $74,975 this month alone and $899,699 for the entire year. It takes a full staff of programmers, designers, and writers—not to mention the advertising, security, bandwidth, and equipment—to reach minds searching for truth online.

That’s why I’m asking you to please stand with me again this month—especially now as donations for the Lord’s work always slow down in January, when people are recovering from holiday spending. We need a strong start to evangelism in 2019 so we can lead more seekers to God’s precious truths! Will you send your gift today? A gift of $50 will help 2,000 seekers find truth, and $100 will help 4,000 people. But whatever God puts on your heart to give, Amazing Facts will use your generosity to reach millions through our websites, broadcasts, Bible School, and every other outreach.

Your family or friends may be searching the web right now for answers to life’s most important questions. Please help them discover God’s needle of truth in Satan’s haystack of lies by making Jesus’ last-day message more visible on the Internet.

In the Lord’s mighty strength to save,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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