Light Blazing from the Heavens

An Amazing Fact: In a fixed position 23,000 miles above the Earth, a communication satellite follows the planet’s rotation—traveling 7,000 miles per hour but using only as much power as a microwave oven. The “wings” on a satellite are not for flying—they are panels that gather energy from the sun to power their sophisticated electronics. There are currently about 3,000 satellites orbiting the globe, providing data for weather, military, research, and GPS services. They also launch TV broadcasts from one side of the world to the other in about two seconds!

I have an amazing story to tell you!

Have you ever wondered if there really was a God out there? Mikael did, and believing that there may be no real meaning to life, he fell into addiction—to drugs, online gaming, and unhealthy relationships.

I was once like Mikael, living a God-less life that spiraled toward oblivion. With plenty of worldly temptations swirling around us and no Bible truth to guide us, we were easy prey for the devil. For Mikael, it went downhill after his dad suffered a debilitating accident. He says, “My life plummeted into drug-fueled partying every weekend.”

That’s why I’m so grateful to you that Mikael finally saw truth blazing from heaven. Please let me tell you more about how God used you to bring Mikael out of darkness and into the life-transforming light of Jesus Christ.

Straight Truth

Mikael had a thirst for knowledge and was drawn to “experts” who claimed to expose secrets. For example, Mikael watched documentaries that dismissed Christianity as a hoax—but then when his conscience bothered him, he’d return to the Charismatic church of his childhood.

Yet all the “answers” seemed lacking—nothing seemed to click. So he tried just living for pleasure, but that also left him empty.

Why? If you’re anything like me, when you seek truth, you want the whole truth and nothing but. You don’t want diluted doctrines, because you know they can never quench your thirst. Mikael felt dissatisfied because he was drinking in messages filled with human opinions. He never felt lasting peace.

The Bible says that God’s last-day people are victorious overcomers—those “who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 12:17). This is what Mikael desperately needed! Honest seekers need straight truth from the Bible. 

While teaching the full and everlasting gospel isn’t popular, your team at Amazing Facts feels a deep responsibility to preach “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27), which is rarely heard on televisions today.

Convinced and Convicted

Then it happened! While searching for information about the last days, Mikael discovered Amazing Facts TV—all the way in South Africa!

That’s right, with your support, we’re transmitting God’s truth into more than 2.7 billion homes around the world every day, including through our Amazing Facts TV network, which broadcasts 24/7 on satellite, online, and on our mobile app.

“Okay,” you’re thinking. “That’s a huge reach. But does it really make a difference?”  Yes! In 2018, we received more than 53,000 requests for more Bible truth from searching souls who had viewed one of our programs—from all around the world.

Every dollar you give is helping to change a life. Let Mikael explain it: “I was in a church for much of my life, yet I’d never heard these things Pastor Doug was preaching. I was convinced the messages I heard were the truth.”

The Power of Broadcasting

Friend, I still believe in the power of television for sharing the good news. Through the power of satellites, I can teach God’s Word in California and then, in just two seconds, Bible truth shoots up 23,000 miles to one satellite, 12,000 miles around the planet to another satellite, and 23,000 miles back down to a person searching for truth in Papua New Guinea.

And the global demand for TV sets isn’t going away—with over 230 million sets sold in 2018 and 250 million expected to be sold in 2019. People are still going to be watching television. But what will they be watching? What kind of spiritual information will the devil supply for them if Amazing Facts isn’t there to share the real Jesus?

I’m so thankful to God that Mikael found our prophecy programs on AFTV! He says, “Out of everything I learned, the Sabbath is the stand-out truth that has energized me. … I always did whatever I wanted on the weekends, but now my Savior and I have a special 24 hours to connect, relate, and love each other.” Don’t you see? The heavenly light you help us put on television actually alters the course of lives!

Today, Amazing Facts media continues to play a pivotal daily role in Mikael’s life. He watches AFTV most nights and listens to our radio broadcasts in the car. “It’s such a blessing to feel Christ working in your life to change things that you never believed could change,” he says. Amen!

Send the Power

Thank you for helping me reach Mikael for the Lord. And you can always know that God is using your precious gifts to stream truth 24/7 through gospel-infused broadcasts around the globe.

That is why your gift this month remain vital. Without it, literal millions may not find the undiluted Bible truth—the only escape from the death sentence of sin.

When you stand with Amazing Facts, you provide resources to thousands of viewers calling us for literature, which we send free of charge. You assist our Bible School staff to guide people like Mikael to scripturally based churches.

Friend, I’m so happy to report that this past December, Mikael was baptized. He shares, “God showed me light, and I stepped out in faith and became obedient.” His story represents just one of hundreds that unfold every week around the world through your ministry here. 

For about $215,000, Amazing Facts can broadcast fundamental Bible truth all year long through our AFTV network. Your gift of $70 will help almost 500 people like Mikael learn wonderful truth during an Amazing Facts program. A gift of $25 will provide digital resources to 2,000 people, and $100 will help a person prepare for baptism after completing our Bible School course.

Satellites are powered by solar panels collecting energy from the sun. They beautifully symbolize the evangelistic work of Amazing Facts, gathering power from the Son of God and transmitting—through your gifts—the life-changing truths of the Bible. Would you join me again in spreading more light and help lead more of God’s children into the kingdom?

Thank you for your gift today!

Broadcasting for His glory,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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