Empowering Superheroes for God

An Amazing Fact: Alain Robert is known as the “French Spider-Man” for his free solo climbing of city skyscrapers. He is famous for scaling 85 of the world’s tallest landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, and even Taipei 101, which was once the tallest building in the world. At times, Robert even performed his stunts while wearing a Spider-Man costume, thrilling young spectators.

Daniel wanted to be a superhero … and you helped to fulfill his lifelong dream. Really!

Many hope to do significant work for God, but their hopes get dashed to pieces by critical voices or seemingly insurmountable circumstances. But through your support of Amazing Facts, you have broken down barriers, opened doors wide, and empowered many dreamers to become superheroes for God.

For decades, Amazing Facts has trained common people to perform extraordinary feats of evangelism. And make no mistake, our world needs a bold army of godly heroes to carry lifesaving messages to the cities and villages across our planet.

Yet the archenemy is ever ready to discourage souls from doing this sacred work. He whispers, “You’re no preacher! You’re no evangelist! You don’t have the skills and tools like the professionals do. God only picks unusually talented people.”

But you are proving Satan wrong through your gifts! We simply don’t believe that God calls the equipped; rather, He equips those who respond to His call. “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me” (Acts 1:8). I truly believe that thousands are being supernaturally prepared to give Bible studies, distribute literature, preach evangelistic sermons, and lead people to Christ.

The fictional Superman was “faster than a speeding bullet” and “more powerful than a locomotive,” but God is raising up real-life superheroes who are bringing eternal salvation to our dying world, people like Daniel …

A Real Battle Between Good and Evil

Daniel grew up in a small town where his parents ran a successful restaurant. They were so busy, Daniel was often left home with his favorite babysitter—the TV. That’s how he was introduced to superheroes like Batman, Spider-man, and Superman.

Like Daniel, most young people dream of making a difference in our world, but it won’t happen by donning red and blue leotards! Success comes only by being properly equipped by God!

When Daniel was in high school, a friend witnessed to him by handing him a book that changed his life—The Richest Caveman. Through the outreach of this young lady, Daniel learned about the real battle between good and evil. His heart was changed, and he dedicated himself to God’s service. That never would have happened without your help!

Equipped for Victory

Gideon was a real-life superhero for the Lord in the battle against the Midianites, and his astounding story helps illustrate how the Lord is still equipping soldiers for Christ today through Amazing Facts.

First, God weeded out the fearful and careless soldiers till Gideon was left with just 300 brave men ready to trust God no matter the circumstances. But do you remember what Gideon handed those 300 before the battle? “He put a trumpet into every man’s hand, with empty pitchers, and torches inside the pitchers” (Judges 7:16).

It almost sounds like a fictional superhero story, doesn’t it? This small army, equipped with only torches, clay pitchers, swords, and trumpets, were called to defeat an army described “as the sand by the seashore in multitude” (v. 12). But one man with God is always an overwhelming favorite.

Don’t miss the message! When you are equipped with the light of God’s truth and lift up your voice like a trumpet for heaven, you become an unconquerable power for good!

Power “Pitchers”

Just as Gideon gave every soldier a clay pitcher burning with the light of heaven, Amazing Facts wants to equip God’s people with a new resource to share God’s message in these last days.

For years, believers have often approached me and said, “We’d like to do our own meetings with slides like Amazing Facts evangelists use, so we can give Bible studies and conduct meetings ourselves.”

In the past, we simply haven’t been able to share these slides because of copyright limitations. But, with your support, we now plan to create our own evangelistic artwork, purchase others, and develop a unique new series of outreach presentations available to all—including detailed notes of how to present each message for God’s glory.

Any presenter—young or old, experienced or new—will have the freedom to use our built-in notes and slides or customize them for their unique audiences. They will even be able to translate the slides into virtually any language!

This ready-made evangelism resource is like an evangelistic meeting in a can. You could even call it “E-can-gelism,” and it could be used on your laptop or iPad at a home, on a video projector at a church, or even on your smartphone when sharing with a friend.

I picture God using this powerful “pitcher” of truth across the world, whether it is being shared over a sandwich at lunch time in a downtown café or projected on the side of a wall at night somewhere in a remote village.

Providing the Best Tools for Ministry

Daniel not only gave his life to Christ as a result of the Holy Spirit working through Amazing Facts, he dreamed of one day working alongside “the caveman.” I’m happy to tell you that you helped his dream come true! Daniel now serves on your ministry team as an evangelist and graphic designer. In fact, Daniel will be helping to make this new evangelistic tool a reality.

Like all the outreach tools created for you by Amazing Facts, it takes a large team to produce them. We need your help to support our writers, graphic designers, IT specialists, and others to develop and launch every sharing tool at Amazing Facts.

Our budget for creating this exciting and unique evangelistic tool is $87,000. Through your generous support, we will pull together all the elements needed to help thousands of people in Gideon’s army lift up a pitcher of light and truth for our world. I’m counting on friends like you to advance the creative evangelism materials used by thousands across the globe.

Your gifts are creating superheroes for Jesus, people like Daniel who are dedicated to advancing truth—growing the last-day work exponentially and making more real-life superheroes for God

So please join me in this big step with your pledge of support. Let’s create and distribute more evangelistic tools and multiply the number of men and women who will carry forth the message … faster than a speeding bullet!

A real-life servant of Christ,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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