Unique opportunity to bring ‘Kingdoms in Time’ to a much wider Audience!

She hadn’t walked through the doors of a church in years—but after watching Amazing Facts’ new documentary, Kingdoms in Time, she was sitting in a pew the following week!

And when 200 young academy students sat awestruck as they watched Kingdoms in a school auditorium, you could hear a pin drop. But at the end, they spontaneously erupted into cheers and praises to the Lord!

Your gifts have moved hearts through one of the most important evangelism videos Amazing Facts has ever produced. That’s why I’m sending you this urgent letter. God has miraculously opened a door that we need to walk through—quickly!

In case you haven’t heard, Kingdoms in Time: History’s Greatest Bible Prophecies is our new life-changing documentary that explores how the most striking Bible predictions have come true—from powerful nations rising and falling to the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Kingdoms was made to arrest people’s attention by presenting irrefutable evidence that the Bible is a supernatural book. I believe even the most hardened atheists will be shaken to their core when watching this program!

Through this video, we want the Holy Spirit to convict people that there is a God who knows the future. And that if all of these fulfilled prophecies have come true, then we can know for certain that the soon coming of Jesus will take place! And most important: that God wants to save them!

The apostle John was right: “Many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). But you and I know that the Bible is the ultimate source of prophetic truth, faithfully revealing what will soon come upon the world. It is so urgent that we get this message of hope and salvation out … and God has asked you and me to share it now.

That’s the reason I’m writing today. The Lord has just made it possible for Kingdoms to be aired on major TV networks—Christian and secular—like the History Channel, TBN, Lifetime, Inspiration, and others, reaching all of North America!

But we need to move fast, because some of these timeslots on major networks are temporary openings. We must move decisively if God’s last-day message, presented through the convicting truths of prophecy, is to be heard at the brink of eternity!

Friend, I want to see more people in church on Sabbath because their hearts have been moved by the compelling power of fulfilled Bible prophecy. I also want to see more young people give their lives to Christ when they discover that there really is a God who controls the future and has a marvelous plan for their lives!

I feel so strongly about this that Amazing Facts will put a DVD copy of Kingdoms in Time into the hands of generous friends, like you, who give $25 toward this vital opportunity. And if you give $50 or more, I’ll send you the DVD and an eye-catching Daniel 2 USB drive that includes the full documentary!

That means you’ll be able to spread these incredible truths to all your friends and neighbors. It’s so easy too! All you have to say is, “Hey, I just got this remarkable documentary on history and would love to watch it with you!” There is even an offer of Amazing Facts Study Guides at the end of the video.

Your gift of $100 will help 800 people know the truth, and $25 will help 200 souls. But any gift you send this month will help advance the gospel message and transform hearts for eternity. As you know, these resources don’t grow on trees. It’s only because of your generosity that these truth-filled materials become a reality.

And when you send your vital gift for this urgent broadcast opportunity, please don’t forget to share your prayer requests with us. We will faithfully take your prayers before the Lord in our staff meetings. Write them down on the back of the enclosed reply card!

God is making possible this last-minute opening to put truth before the world on some of the largest networks in North America. Please give today. I truly believe you will help lead another mother, or father, or child to church next Sabbath!

Grateful for your timely partnership,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

P.S. It’s time for the message of Bible prophecy to go viral! We have the extraordinary opportunity to put Kingdoms in Time: History’s Greatest Bible Prophecies on major networks like the History Channel. But we must act quickly. I’m convinced that our world is ripe for knowing that the Bible can be trusted and that Jesus is coming soon. Let’s not wait another moment to tell them. Thank you for your much-needed gift!

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