A Brief Window to Fulfill an Ancient Prophecy

By Pastor Doug Batchelor

An Amazing Fact: The vanilla orchid blossom, which grows into a vanilla bean, lasts just 24 hours—giving it the shortest pollinating window of any plant. The flower opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon, meaning it must be pollinated within 8 to 12 hours; otherwise, the flower wilts, drops from the vine, and no vanilla pods are produced.

Dear friend,

Just like the vanilla orchid, there are only brief moments in life when a person’s heart is truly open to the gospel. That’s why a terrible famine of biblically sound sharing resources is starving millions of the divine encounter they need to experience true repentance and freedom in Christ.

In fact, it is this famine that severely tied the hands of Chaplain Miller.

The prison inmates he serves desperately need Christian resources, but state law forbids him from personally bringing materials to the jail. For security reasons, they must come directly from a publisher. All Chaplain Miller could do was to pray that God would somehow bring him lifesaving resources as eternal destinies hung in the balance for hundreds of souls.

It’s often in times of crisis—like a divorce, a death, or a job loss—in which an unbeliever’s life is open to spiritual change. And this can be doubly true for those who have been sentenced to prison.

Most of the time, Chaplain Miller gets just a brief window to teach a despairing soul about God’s love and saving grace. That’s why he needs to be able to provide literature that offers a lifesaving relationship with Jesus.

And I’m so thankful that God used you to provide an abundant, overflowing answer!

Old Testament Prophecy and You

Last year, Chaplain Miller contacted several ministries for Bible lessons and other spiritual resources for hurting, lonely inmates. He told us that only one responded: Amazing Facts. Because of your faithful compassion, we were able to act quickly, sending him 100 sets of Study Guides and much more. And we have continued to send these materials to him every month because, well, the need is that significant and the window to reach these souls is so brief.

Some of the most convicting tools he’s sharing with prisoners are our witnessing magazines. These are colorful and easy-to-understand, putting the foundational truths of God—such as the Sabbath and prophecy—into the hands of these poor in spirit.

And inmates are responding! What has God accomplished through you and Chaplain Miller? More than 120 baptisms in just four months! Friend, thank you for your faithfulness in giving hope to the hopeless. You are directly changing lives today!

Here’s something else astonishing. I believe you are helping to fulfill an ancient prophecy when you support Amazing Facts’ publishing work. When God spoke to Habakkuk, He commanded, “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it” (Habakkuk 2:2).

That perfectly describes our sharing magazines—doesn’t it? Your support has made plain God’s Word for the lost to gain transformative Bible knowledge!

And right now, God has called your ministry team to start work on something new, and I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look. But we can only complete this project with your help. Please keep reading!

A Much-Needed Wedge of Hope
Not everyone who needs the life-changing truth can watch a DVD, in prison or out in the world. When we turned the Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD into a sharing magazine to meet this very need, the response astonished us. Our bestselling DVD quickly became our fastest-selling magazine!

It revealed something profound. People, including prisoners, are still open to reading these attractive magazines to discover plain Bible truth. So right now, your team at Amazing Facts is creating a new sharing magazine based on our newest documentary: Kingdoms in Time.

This God-inspired evangelistic tool has proven that studying fulfilled prophecy is part of His divine plan to encourage people to accept all of the Bible as trustworthy. It’s transforming lives daily!

Now you and I have the opportunity to help make these same foundational truths available to those who can’t watch the DVD. That’s hundreds of thousands of prisoners, and millions more on the outside who will never have the chance to see this video.

There is still a place for the printed word in ministry. I’ve seen it—and you’ve proven it with your gifts. So will you please help develop, publish, and distribute thousands of these truth-filled magazines across the globe by sending your gift this month? We anticipate a budget of $150,000 to roll out this new sharing resource to those responding to our television and radio broadcasts.

It will not happen without you. Yes. You are that important!

The Rest of the Story
This is one of the most important magazines we will publish because it will allow God’s truth to pierce the hearts of those who typically resist believing in the Bible. Will you please prayerfully ask God what He wants to do through you and join us in this harvesting work?

Your gift of just $20 will make it possible to send magazines to 10 people who contact Amazing Facts. A gift of $75 will provide a box of 100 magazines to people like Chaplain Miller—changing the lives of prisoners who struggle to see outside the walls of their cell. And your gift of $1,000 will help cover printing costs so that churches can distribute them to lost souls in every community.

Friend, I recently learned about a prisoner named Scott. He was just a regular young college student making good grades—but life utterly changed for him with one poor decision. One night, while driving under the influence, he had an accident that tragically killed two in the car with him, including the woman he hoped to marry someday.

Scott is now facing a six-year prison sentence. He is totally broken and looking for a Savior. Jesus said when it comes to helping those in prison, “inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” (Matthew 25:40). You can help us send Scott precious Christian literature to encourage him to hold onto Jesus and the Bible truth in these desperate times.

Your gift today will make a difference in his life—and thousands more!

Making prophecy a priority together,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts International

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