From a Hopeless End—to an Endless Hope

Dear friend,

Damas is sitting on death row—a desperately bleak time, when all a person's faces is the end of life. He was utterly lost in guilt and shame. But providentially, God reached him through your timely gifts! Damas discovered Jesus’ lifesaving truth while watching Amazing Facts on a major Christian network.

God’s grace is so far-reaching that, yes, even a death row inmate can now see hope beyond the grave. Yet my heart still aches for so many others like Damas on different kinds of death rows. The Bible says that anyone who does not repent from their sin and accept forgiveness is facing a very real—and eternal—death sentence (Romans 6:23). Without the cross of Christ, we’re all doomed to a hopeless end.

That’s why I believe we should do everything in our power to spread God’s last-day message as far and wide as possible with the mission to help Jesus deliver people from a hopeless end to an endless hope.

How can we reach more people like Damas? I need to tell you about a providential new development with Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), the world’s largest Christian TV station. We have a chance—but only if we move fast—to increase airtime on this “mother” of all Christian stations. Their reach is humongous, with over 100 million viewers in the USA and a potential reach of 2.7 billion worldwide!

As you might guess, not all networks are open to broadcasting Amazing Facts’ straight-truth programs. More than once, we’ve been dropped from stations because of our bold and distinctive Bible teachings.

But just as God moved on the hearts of kings, so He has touched the hearts of TBN’s managers, opening big doors for His final warning message to go out to the world.

You and I have the opportunity to double our airtime on TBN. We should act quickly knowing there are so many more people sitting on spiritual death row—souls who don’t realize that the proverbial “sword of Damocles” hangs over their heads.

Today, you’re reaching tens of thousands on death row (physically, mentally, and most of all, spiritually) every week through your gifts to Amazing Facts. I constantly read absolutely thrilling letters from viewers who were on the threshold of death—and didn’t even know it—but they flipped on TBN and found hope in the real Jesus Christ and discovered the Sabbath, what happens at death, and so much more essential truth.

Viewers like James, who thought he was well-grounded in Bible doctrine. But when he started watching Amazing Facts on TBN, he explains, “God spoke to me that day. I knew I’d never be able to ignore the truth!”

Right now, TBN has offered us a second weekly timeslot. This is huge! And praise God, Amazing Facts has done exceptionally well on TBN—which is why they have offered this Sabbath-keeping, end-time ministry more airtime to preach Christ’s last-day truth!

But as you know, it’s not free. For us to move forward is a huge undertaking. But when you’re doing God’s work, you dream big and live by faith that if the Lord points the way, He will provide the means through His blessed people.

The world’s biggest ministries would love to snatch up this golden broadcasting window. Yet for Amazing Facts to say “yes” to this timely opportunity, we need to commit to $500,000—an amount double to what we ordinarily ask.

I don’t want to shrug off this chance to present truth to more groups of people sitting on spiritual death row. The clock really is ticking faster as we near the end of time. Jesus is coming very soon! We must act now, quickly, to reach more of our friends and enlarge God’s family while we still can.

So I’m asking you to please prayerfully consider—for the sake of people like Damas and James—giving double your normal gift this month in order to reach more people for Christ’s kingdom.

Sitting on death row, Damas was facing a hopeless end. But now through supporters like you and Amazing Facts, he discovered an endless hope on TBN. Doubling our airtime will be a sacrifice well worth the cost. Please help us take up this God-given opportunity to faithfully spread Bible truth to all the world! Thank you for your much-needed and valued gift!

Friend, I promise that your investment will reap eternal dividends!

Boldly stepping forward in faith,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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