Leading God’s Children to the Light

An Amazing Fact: Xeroderma pigmentosum is a rare but incurable disease that prevents skin cells from repairing the damage received from sunlight, often leading to skin cancer and blindness. Sadly, this malady is found mostly in children, who must take extreme measures to avoid all sunlight, as well as light from fluorescent bulbs. These children are taught to live in utter fear of daylight—living their lives slathered in sunscreen, hidden away in darkened rooms, and going out to play only on moonless nights.

Dear friend,

Children are naturally attracted to that which is bright. So you can only imagine what it must be like for children to spend their whole lives imprisoned in gloomy rooms with the shades drawn, unable to join the friends they hear playing outside.

But the deep sadness I feel for children afflicted with xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) reminds me just how sorrowful God must feel about billions of His children, young and old around the world, who are trapped in a deadlier kind of imprisonment—spiritual darkness.

Millions of God’s children around the world have a spiritual form of XP. “They do not know, nor do they understand; they walk about in darkness” (Psalm 82:5). They are living lives without His light shining on them, not knowing life’s true purpose or that God loves them and has great plans for their lives.

Nothing pleases Jesus more than when we labor with Him to reach His lost children. That’s why I’m focusing my last letter of 2019 on how you have been saving them all year long

Circling the Globe

This past year has been filled with faith adventures around the world. In the spring, you made it possible for Amazing Facts to travel to the Seychelles Islands to present the everlasting gospel and encourage the church to be faithful in its mission.

You also helped shine God’s light in the heart of Europe through an evangelistic prophecy series in the City of Light, Paris. On a continent rife with atheism and where the Christian faith is quickly being replaced by Islam, nearly 500 souls made decisions for baptism.

This past summer, the Amazing Facts team travelled to the Far East to share God’s last-day message in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, baptizing many new souls who gave their hearts to Christ.

Looking back at 2019, I’m stunned by just how far your loving support carried the light of God’s Word to His children around the globe.

Amazing Adventure

One of the biggest outreach events you helped with this past year reached a ton of kids—Amazing Adventure. Filmed in Michigan, this new series featured engaging Bible lessons, interactive illustrations, and even live animals—and all of it centered around helping young people make a lifelong commitment to Jesus.

My heart was especially thrilled as hundreds of fresh faces beamed each night—and thousands watched online worldwide! Here’s what some had to say …

  • Amazing Adventure helped me to decide to be baptized. I hope I can help spread Jesus’ coming like you someday!” —Ava, 11 years old
  • “My nine-year-old reminds me to watch each night. Halfway through this evening’s program, when you were talking about [how some people will be like] cockroaches running and hiding when Jesus returns and [others like] moths going toward Jesus, the Light, she looked at me and declared, ‘Oh wow Mom, I’m a moth!’” —Hannah

What a joy we’ll have together seeing many of these kids in the earth made new!

Opening a Door to the World

There were so many more ways that you reached all the children of the world in 2019. For instance, more than a thousand souls were baptized this past year through the faithful efforts of our AFCOE Africa ministry.

And even though public evangelism is under assault in India, your sacrificial gifts were key to ensuring that the three angels’ messages could still be widely proclaimed.

You also opened prison doors by sending over 125,000 pieces of literature to inmates—and over 240,000 Study Guides to God’s searching children in our Bible School. You even helped create the Divine Design sharing magazine about the sanctuary, with tens of thousands already distributed to seeking souls.

Reaching More of God’s Children

Nothing is more crucial than bringing as many of God’s children as we can along with us to the gates of His kingdom. That’s why Amazing Facts exists: to carry forward the saving message of Jesus to every person on Planet Earth.

So at the close of another year, and as plans for 2020 are already taking shape, you can help build our new AFCOE campus for Indonesia and Malaysia, prepare huge evangelism efforts in Australia and Europe, publish new sharing magazines, and make possible all our ongoing media outreach to millions of truth seekers here and abroad. (There are so many more plans from the Lord, but I’ve run out of room!)

I must admit, however, that our donations in 2019 were down from the previous year, and I’m concerned that we will have to cut back outreach soon unless we are able to make up the difference quickly. But that means Amazing Facts needs you more than ever.

I am so deeply grateful for your sacrificial support this past year, but your much-needed gift at the end of this year is especially important to launch us forward in the new year with courageous evangelism. Will you please take a moment to pray about what God would have you give today toward His evangelism work so that we can start 2020 strong together?

Finally, I want to close by sharing with you a personal letter sent to me from one of God’s children …

“I am twelve years old. I believe everyone should get a chance to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Though my donation is small, I hope it can make a difference in someone else’s life who needs it.” —Cami, who sent a $12 donation

It brought tears to my eyes to see the faith and sacrifice of this beautiful child of God. Would you join Cami in making a significant sacrifice at the end of this year? You can know that you will help more children of God get a chance to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Reaching all of God’s children,

Pastor Doug Batchelor
President, Amazing Facts International

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