Rescued from the Wrath of the Dragon

An Amazing Fact: The Chinese government has 170 million security cameras monitoring its 1.4 billion citizens, with an ambitious plan to add 400 million new cameras across the country. With its ever-advancing supercomputers and facial recognition software, the nation expects to be able to closely monitor all of its citizen’s movements, activities, and even emotions! 


Liling was desperate to know the truth. This young woman in China was first introduced to Christ by her sister. Deeply moved by the gospel, she began attending a large Sunday-keeping church. The pastor was enthusiastic, but when Liling left church each week, she always felt as though something was still missing.


Every week around the world, millions of seekers listen to eloquent pastors in large churches, yet they sense it is merely a form of religion without life-changing power (2 Timothy 3:5). Liling explains, “I felt a void in my heart. … I was eager to know truth.”


Praise God! You were the answer to her yearning prayer. When she searched the Internet, the Holy Spirit led her to our Chinese Amazing Facts website. Your gifts opened up to her the beautifully interconnected truth of Bible teachings and answered all her heartfelt questions.


Today, Christianity in China is growing at a rate of seven percent annually, more than twice as fast as the population. But as God’s last-day message advances in the land of the red dragon (a nickname for China), it is also arousing the anger of the “Red Dragon,” the name the Bible gives to Satan (Revelation 12:3). We shouldn’t be surprised! “For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time” (Revelation 12:12).  


There are about 50 million Christians in China, but that’s only five percent of the population. Clearly, Amazing Facts still has a tremendous work to do in this vast country! And we have vital plans …

… but first, let me share a little more of Liling’s story to explain why all this matters.


Not Convinced ... at First

After searching on the Internet, Liling found Amazing Facts videos dubbed in Mandarin, her native language. She also learned the truth about the immortality of the soul, the rapture, and the Sabbath.


She admits, “I was not convinced at first that Pastor Doug was correct.” After all, her current pastor was a “sincere and warm-hearted person.” How could he be so wrong? But as is common for many of our Chinese viewers, Liling watched more of the videos you’ve made possible, over and over again. As she did, she became convinced of the truth.


The Holy Spirit worked tirelessly on Liling’s young heart. She realized that her Sunday-keeping pastor was following traditions, not Scripture. She learned that faith should be built on the Bible alone, not human teachers, no matter how sincere. She says, “Every time the pastor spoke a false doctrine, I felt a pang in my heart. I couldn’t bear it anymore.”


That’s when Liling contacted our workers in China and was connected to a Sabbath church. She was warmly welcomed and was even baptized! She is now growing in Christ with her new church family. She wrote us, “Words cannot express my gratitude!”


And today, I pass on her deep appreciation to you.


The Wrath of the Dragon

Yet as Amazing Facts’ work for the gospel has progressed, the wrath of the dragon has been stirred. Religious persecution in China is on the rise. In 2014, I presented a full public evangelistic meeting inside that nation—but it would never be allowed today. In fact, in 2019, China began arresting pastors, closing churches, and even launching a national rewrite of the Bible that will eliminate any wording that could be interpreted as hostile to the government.


Not long ago, a truckload of our soul-saving literature was confiscated and one of our Bible workers was arrested, treated roughly, and fined. Some of our websites were shut down. I’m grateful to God that He has restored our online presence, directing our work in new powerful ways to keep getting the Word out there—but I simply cannot share the details here.


Friend, now is not the time to retreat in China. In recent years, we have seen millions of searching souls like Liling learn the truth through Amazing Facts Bible lessons, DVDs, and online TV and radio programs. I can only say, “Thank God for opening closed doors, but we need to keep praying!”


A Global Battle for Truth

Of course, the battle between truth and error is not only raging in China. Did you know that Amazing Facts once conducted large, open outreach meetings in Russia? But today, that is no longer permitted. We also presented huge, successful outreach in India, but the Hindu-majority government is cracking down on foreigners proclaiming the Word of God.


But let me be frank with you: I am not one bit discouraged by these obstacles. As the apostle Paul said, we may be “hard-pressed on every side, yet [we are] not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8, 9). Amen!


Jesus is a dragon-slayer, and through your prayers and gifts, God’s truth will trample down any walls erected by the devil. So we must go forward in faith, wisely testing new witnessing methods—not drawing unnecessary attention but firmly preaching the gospel to all the world. God is using you and Amazing Facts for such a time as this!


The final battle for souls is just beginning. Between China, India, and Russia alone, over 3 billion people still need to hear the precious truths of the Bible.


Christ is coming soon, and we must share the hope of eternal life. Liling desperately searched for truth on the Internet in the heart of the world’s largest atheistic country. Yet even there, she found Amazing Facts and soon became a joyful, baptized believer in Christ—all thanks to loving gifts from people like you!


So will you help thousands more discover Bible truth and be ready for Jesus’ soon return? Thank you for your desperately needed gift today, which will save lives in China, India, Russia—and even near you!


Raising the sword of the Spirit against the dragon,


Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts

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