From the Desk of Doug Batchelor

Dear friend,

As a new widow, Debbie was deeply grieving. After her husband died, she began searching for answers. She visited many churches, but they all taught doctrines that did not seem to fit the Bible. But—praise the Lord—because you cared, she finally found peace and hope while watching the precious truths taught on an Amazing Facts TV broadcast.

Millions like Debbie sit in front of their TVs every Sunday morning surfing through religious programming, longing for answers that will help fill the void in their hearts. But as you know, very few programs teach life-changing biblical truth.

Today, you can solve this problem in a big way! You can help put the true teachings of Scripture on an international station every Sunday morning—at a time when most seekers are flipping through channels looking for answers and hope.

So let me get to the purpose of this urgent letter. God has opened a massive door, and you and I have a gigantic opportunity to share His end-time message on one of the largest networks during the best time possible!

You can help put Amazing Facts programs on A&E, the third-largest TV network in the nation, and reach 90 million paid subscribers across the USA and Canada, with international distribution in Australia, Latin America, and Europe.

Following Joyce Meyer’s recent success on A&E, many other religious programmers have been vying for a weekly timeslot on this popular network. But in God’s providence, Amazing Facts was able to secure a Sunday morning broadcast.

Amazing Facts has been on many secular networks, with tens of thousands of viewers watching each week—with many contacting us wanting to know more about God. If ever there was a time to broadcast God’s three angels’ messages, A&E is the network and now is the time. That’s why I’m asking you to join me and not let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

The Lord says, “I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink” (Matthew 25:35). You can give the Bread of Life and Living Water to more people like Debbie than ever before!

Your loving gift this month will proclaim the truth about God to countless millions who suffer heart-wrenching loss and wonder if there is more to life than the temporary thrills offered by the world.

It’s getting tough to reach the millions of people in the cities and suburbs through their front door, but today you can slip messages of hope right into their homes and hearts.

That’s why I felt that Amazing Facts needed to jump on this unexpected opportunity. It’s not in our budget, yet we felt impressed to lock in this prime slot, believing the Holy Spirit will impress God’s children to help reach searching souls with His messages about life and death, Christ’s soon return, the Sabbath truth, and so much more.

Of course, powerful opportunities often come with a significant price tag, and this is no exception. It will take $543,400 to secure this spot for a year. However, this is cheap enough when you consider that it’s less than a penny for each potential viewer to learn God’s truth and gain everlasting life. A gift of $500 could help over 4 million people discover foundational truth for salvation! $50 could help over 400,000; $100 would help even more.

Friend, there are still so many millions of lost, lonely, and perishing people out there who have never heard the true gospel! So I’m asking, would you pray right now about helping them truly know Christ with a special gift to Amazing Facts this month? You will place the wonderful truth in homes, hotels, and businesses all across North America!

Because of people giving to God’s work like you, Debbie watched Amazing Facts faithfully every Sunday. She went through the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides and is now a joyful member of God’s family. There are still many more Debbies to reach. 

You and I have the chance to put Amazing Facts on A&E, reaching a potential 90 million homes every Sunday morning. But I really need to hear from you soon to know that we can lock in the station for a year. The recent volatility in the stock market reminds us that the only safe place to store our treasure is in God’s kingdom.

Please don’t delay sending your gift today. And, on behalf of Debbie, thank you for caring!

Believing all things are possible with God,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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