Unleashing the Power of Prophecy for People Searching for Truth!

“… men’s hearts [are] failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth” (Luke 21:26).

The coronavirus pandemic, international isolation, and subsequent economic meltdown have shaken the human race to its core. Many around the world are watching with great apprehension the extraordinary and sudden transformation of society.

As I write, the U.S. government is still scrambling to avoid economic Armageddon. Some world leaders are even using dictator-like powers to stabilize their countries. This all feels like a chapter out of the apocalypse!

However, I have seen a silver lining in this crisis: a remarkable surge of interest in Bible prophecy. And because of your sacrificial heart, you are offering hope, peace, and understanding to multitudes in these uncertain days.

Thousands are asking Amazing Facts profound spiritual questions every day. Our websites are experiencing record-breaking traffic as people comb the Internet—wondering what the Bible says about what’s happening. And central to their questions, what is the role of America in Bible prophecy?

This sudden interest in prophecy is presenting a brief but golden opportunity. Even before the pandemic struck, the Lord impressed Amazing Facts to create a new sharing magazine about America in Bible prophecy! God knew the world would need to understand Revelation 13 as they watched these historic events unfold.

With this new, eye-opening sharing resource almost ready for printing, you and I have a powerful opportunity to get the truth out while interest is soaring!

This is no time for delay. We must share God’s sacred warnings about the beasts from the land and the sea—and the mark of the beast. You may even want to prayerfully re-read Revelation chapters 13 and 14 today. These chapters contain the heart of the three angels’ messages, and these decisive issues will soon determine people’s eternal destiny.

You’ve heard the expression, “Strike while the iron is hot.” Especially now, as we rapidly move toward the final events, God doesn’t want us to slow down. People need guidance now as they are actively seeking for truth.

We’ve also seen a massive upswing in YouTube watchers on last-day events, and rapidly increasing requests for resources like The Final Events in Bible Prophecy DVD. People’s hearts are open now like never before. Let’s boldly let our lights shine brightly in this dark world before it’s too late!

While the world is panicking and hoarding goods, God wants you and me to invest in eternal interests. The America in prophecy magazine needs to be sent out as quickly as possible, but it can only happen if you send a much-needed gift. Will you share some of your means and bring peace and eternal hope to His lost children?

These life-changing materials require significant investment to be written, designed, printed, and mailed. We estimate that it will require $150,000 to complete this project, but my prayerful goal is to double this amount—$300,000—so that we can target major cities in our nation with key mass mailings. Will you help us reach more people and give sacrificially this month? 

Your gift today of $30 will send 10 magazines to outstretched hands. Your gift of $300 will place the truth in over 100 homes. And if God has blessed you to give a larger gift of $3,000, you will bring lifesaving truth to over 1,000 people asking about last-day events. Your loving gift will not only make this new quality sharing tool available, but you will keep God’s last-day message going strong around the globe through truth-filled television, radio, and Internet broadcasts.

You and I know what the Bible teaches about America in prophecy and the mark of the beast. Much greater challenges lay ahead. That’s why we must let our friends and neighbors know of God’s plan to save them. Without your heartfelt support now, this open window to reach the lost will shut.

Sharing peace in the storm,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

P.S. Our nation and the world are in crisis, and fearful people’s hearts are failing them. But you can bring peace and life to thousands. The America in prophecy magazine will clearly present the three angels’ messages and last-day truths that will point them to Jesus. Let’s put truth in their hands while they are searching for answers. Thank you for your timely support!

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