Speeding the Message of Truth

An Amazing Fact: During the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, Andrew Jackson and his militia fighters took on the British in a bloody battle—and won despite being outnumbered 2 to 1. The British lost about 2,000 soldiers, but only 330 Americans perished. Yet this costly battle turned out to be unnecessary. A peace treaty had been signed between Britain and the United States a month earlier, but the good news was too slow to reach the battlefield. Likewise, millions are lost every day because the message of Christ’s victory is too slow in reaching them!

After a series of tragic losses, Wendy doubted the existence of a loving God. But through your faithfulness, she found Bible truth on the Internet—and it completely transformed her life! 

I’m sobered by the times in which we live. Our world has never seen anything like the disruption we’ve experienced because of COVID-19. But I’m also excited because this reminds us that Jesus is coming soon!

Equally thrilling are the huge numbers of people looking for spiritual answers on Amazing Facts websites. Visitors to amazingfacts.org have doubled—doubled!—and our Bible School numbers have tripled. Praise God—we’ve never seen an explosion of interest like this before!

Genuine seekers are asking, “Does the Bible say anything about what’s happening today?” I believe that’s exactly why you support Amazing Facts: to quickly provide these precious souls trustworthy information in a world flooded with misleading websites and senseless online videos.

Those who suffer devastating losses, like Wendy, often begin a desperate search for answers on the Internet. That’s why, if we truly want to advance the three angels’ messages powerfully, we cannot fall behind in using technology to share the truth. We need to cast our net where the fish are feeding.

A Life Torn Apart

Wendy and her husband owned a little ranch where they raised their twin daughters. They were a close-knit family and enjoyed caring for horses, goats, and chickens. They went to church each Sunday. But little did they realize how abruptly their lives would be shattered.

Death first touched their family when Wendy’s mom died after a long battle with cancer. A few years later, her husband awoke in the middle of the night gasping for air. The paramedics came, but 30 minutes later, her husband of 26 years was pronounced dead. “My faith took a huge hit,” she says.

There are millions around the world like Wendy whose faith is hanging by a thread. They desperately need to hear the message of Jesus, who came “to heal the brokenhearted” (Luke 4:18).

With so many people isolated and hurting now, some who have recently lost loved ones to the pandemic, the three angels’ messages must go at blazing speeds “to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6). Every day we delay, people suffer and abandon their faith.

Clarity from Confusion

Without her husband’s income, Wendy lost her health insurance and home. Two weeks later, her mother-in-law passed away. Just a month later, her dad died.

After so many losses, Wendy’s faith was shattered. “I couldn’t see how there could be a God. My faith was gone.” But then a friend directed her to the Amazing Facts website. As she began to watch sermons, many of her deepest questions were getting answered. 

People really do look to the Internet for answers to life’s most pressing questions. Just ask Google! Billions of queries are made every day, but people aren’t just searching for how to fix a lawnmower. People are looking for God. Five million times last month, people looking for truth were impressed to come to amazingfacts.org through a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

Here’s How We Can Change More Lives!

Technology is not just about transistors and terabytes; it’s about helping people who want to know what Scriptures really say.

And when it comes to the Internet, speed and clarity is everything. With old technology, web pages load slowly and videos are fuzzy. No one wants to ride across the country in a Model-T Ford if they can fly in a jet! 

Internet technology is constantly changing, and our IT team is working hard to stay on the cutting edge, using the most effective methods to share God’s last-day message with the world. As we’ve prayerfully studied how to reach more people like Wendy, we must do the following:

Upgrade our Internet Video. As more people cut the cable cord, we want to stream them the highest-quality picture and sound possible. We are employing a new smart technology that can detect the device a person is using and provide them with the highest quality signal for their particular equipment and Internet connection.

Provide New Apps. We also want to create attractive new apps that will make it easy for people to find our Bible studies and stream sermons to their mobile phones.

Upgrade Our Websites. Many of our most popular websites are overdue for updating; we need to make them faster—while adding essential features.

Friend, God told Habakkuk to “write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it” (Habakkuk 2:2). This is why we must work together to make Bible truth as simple, sharp, and clear as possible for more people everywhere.

You Give Answers of Life

Wendy found God’s truth on the Internet. Because of you, she can say today, “It’s as if the truth was just laid out in front of me.”

Will you help speed up the message of God’s lifesaving truth to more people like Wendy? It’s essential that we upgrade our web capability now—at a cost of about $10,000 every month—to help handle the increase in people visiting our websites. With your gift today, you can help millions who are searching online to find answers.

Your loving gift of $40 will provide 87 hours of God’s message through online video to those hungering for truth. A caring gift of $70 makes it possible for over 4,000 people to find our truth-filled websites. And a sacrificial offering of $150 or more will send over 8 terabytes of truth to seekers around the world! That’s equal to about 400,000 trees of printed material—or two years of non-stop listening to God’s truth in audio format!

Because people like you give, Wendy says, “My faith is now stronger than before. You have had a profound impact on my life.” Thank you for caring—but we need to continue the fight today with your gift.

Building faith in perilous times,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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