The Brightest Work... in the Darkest Times

An Amazing Fact: On a bright day at sea level, the speed of sound is about 760 mph. Yet sound travels through water at 3,300 mph, more than four times faster! It also travels farther: A humpback whale can hear the call of another whale some 4,000 miles away. Sound travels farther, faster, and louder in dark waters than in sunshine!

A global pandemic. Economic gyrations. Sixteen U.S. natural disasters that caused at least $1 billion in damage apiece. And all of this was compounded by severe political division and violent social unrest.

The year 2020 has certainly been a trying one. But Scripture reminds us that God often does His best work during times of deep trial. In the Flood, the Exodus, the fiery furnace, and—yes—at the cross on Calvary, the light of God’s truth shines the brightest in times of darkness.

So it was with Amazing Facts throughout 2020. As concern about the future troubled countless hearts, the number of searching souls reading, surfing, watching, and listening to Amazing Facts literature, websites, and broadcasts exploded beyond our wildest imaginations.

And you stepped up to help the gospel message shine brighter and go farther and faster than ever before!

Would you please join me now as we look back at all that God has done this year? Then, let’s take a quick peek ahead to where God is leading to reach even more hurting hearts in 2021.

Outback Outreach

A huge international, live evangelism campaign kickstarted Amazing Facts’ gospel work in 2020. In February, our team traveled to two of Australia’s largest cities—Melbourne and Adelaide—to present God’s Word to thousands, both live and on TV.

Dozens were baptized, and hundreds more requested Bible studies. Our television program on 9GEM TV became one of the fastest-growing Christian broadcasts in that highly secular nation!

Then, everything changed: COVID-19 struck.

But even as severe pandemic restrictions led to the cancelation of many of our public evangelistic programs—your support enabled Amazing Facts to quickly adapt and shift our energies to our already thriving television, Bible School, publishing, and Internet outreaches.

And sure enough, all of these exploded with demand!

A Timely Online “Tent Revival”

In response to the widespread pandemic lockdowns that prevented billions of believers from worshiping together, we quickly developed and broadcast The New Heart, an old-fashioned revival series that helped strengthen the faith of millions. Tens of thousands who needed spiritual encouragement and hope were watching online and on TV at a time when it was needed most!

And on social media alone, Amazing Facts reached 200 million souls with God’s last-day truth. Our website traffic increased by 100 percent, and online Bible school interests tripled!

We even debuted, a new outreach tent that can now reach the 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

Unlocking Lives

Did you know that many prisons in America would not allow family members to visit inmates during the pandemic? But God opened the door to tens of thousands of prisoners with more than 50,000 pieces of our literature, along with personal letters from our correspondence team. That’s an increase of 45 percent!

And while the world panicked and hoarded goods, our publishing team quickly created quality, soul-winning resources for eternal needs—including the perfectly timed America in Bible Prophecy magazine. We ran out of copies in our warehouse in record time!

Among dozens of new resources, we also published a new line of eye-opening Amazing Facts sharing tracts to make it easier for you to share the truth about the afterlife, the sanctuary, and many other vital end-time topics.

In all, more than a million pieces of literature and DVDs were shipped around the world. Praise the Lord!

Unstoppable International Work

Even as the entire world locked down for months, our on-the-ground teams kept shining the light of God’s truth …

In China, where our team received thousands of online Bible questions and requests for materials while tirelessly translating more videos and literature into Mandarin, the world’s second-most spoken language. Even as religious freedom there tightened, you helped us connect thousands to Sabbath-keeping home churches!

In India, where, despite the prohibition of public evangelism in many parts of the country, your support is broadcasting on three nationwide stations in the Tamil, Telegu, and Hindi languages, leading to a surge in requests for Bible studies.

In Africa, where AFCOE Africa-trained pastors and laypeople presented prophecy seminars that resulted in more than 1,300 baptisms—and even planted new Sabbath-keeping churches!

Revelation Now! Seen by 3 Million Just Online

In October, I presented Revelation Now!, a fresh and relevant evangelistic series broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Amazing Facts TV, Roku, and 3ABN all at once!

Finally, let me not forget the new W.O.R.D. Center that you helped build just in time to defeat Satan’s pandemic obstacles, increasing the quality of and improving access to our many programs, products, and resources—including Sabbath School Study Hour and Bible Answers Live. Amen!

2021 Plans

The year 2020 marks 55 years of God’s miraculously leading at Amazing Facts and has taught us that our core ministries were perfectly situated by God to reach millions for Christ. But we have more work to do in 2021!

God has already opened doors for a citywide evangelism campaign in Las Vegas, a new film project called Armageddon and the Final Events, and incredible opportunities at new broadcast networks here and abroad. We are already producing new witnessing resources you’re going to love—a Bible study course on Daniel and Revelation, new sharing magazines on Creation vs. evolution and hellfire, and so much more!

The opportunity to share the three angels’ messages has never been greater. Will you sacrifice to advance Bible truth in 2021?

What you give now will create the momentum for all of 2021—and store a treasury of souls in heaven. So please give generously!

Staying the course,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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