Rescued from Above!

An Amazing Fact: Thirty-four years ago, the whole world was captivated by the story of Baby Jessica, an 18-month-old girl who fell down an abandoned oil well in Midland, Texas. For 56 hours, rescuers worked nonstop to free her from an 8-inch casing down 22 feet in the shaft. Eventually, they dug an adjacent shaft and cross tunnel to reach her. During the drilling, rescuers heard the toddler crying and calling for her mom. Jessica was saved just in time and is now a mother living a productive life.

You may have already heard that since the arrival of the coronavirus, depression and anxiety in America have shot up. One study by the Centers for Disease Control found that 1 in 4 young adults had thought about killing themselves in the past 30 days.

This is profoundly tragic! But just as rescuers saved Baby Jessica from a dark pit, we can also help rescue despondent hearts by bringing them the eternal hope found only in Scripture.

The enemies of Jeremiah, God’s prophet, likewise threw him into a pit to die, “[casting] him into the dungeon[, where he] … sank in the mire” (Jeremiah 38:6). But Jeremiah had a faithful friend “above,” Ebed-Melech, who pleaded with the king on Jeremiah’s behalf—and received permission to rescue him.

The only answer to being pushed down emotionally is to look up into the face of our compassionate Savior above. That’s the message you sent to Regina through your co-laboring friendship with Amazing Facts.

Broken Home, Broken Life

Believing that nobody could rescue her from that dark pit of misery, Regina had cut her wrists and was waiting to die. But God intervened and mercifully rescued her through your lifesaving gifts.

Regina’s childhood was shaped by parents who battled chronic illness, hospitalizations, and alcoholism. She often went to food banks and even to pawnshops, hocking household goods for money to buy food.

The sins that cause such pain and sadness can be found in every nation and culture across the globe. That’s why God wants you and me to go into all the world and share His good news of salvation (Mark 16:15).

Imagine little Regina falling asleep most nights to the clattering sound of empty beer bottles. At only six years old, she vowed that one day she would lead a different life. In grade school, she worked hard to get straight A’s.

Then her mother unexpectedly died. It sent Regina’s young life spiraling off course. Desperate to cope with her grief, she began smoking at age 13, then started drinking and using drugs.

Darkness Before Dawn

As a young woman, Regina fell in love and married. Sadly, her prince charming soon turned into an abusive cheater. After getting pregnant and suffering from domestic violence, Regina decided to end her life.

As her blood drained, her life began to ebb away. But her brother found her just in time.

So often, I receive letters from listeners and viewers—people you have helped—who tell me how it was only when they hit bottom that they cried out to God. That’s what happened to Regina.

Months passed, and she had her baby. As a new mother, Regina started seeking after God. That’s when she remembered her uncle, a Sabbath-keeping Christian, and a program his family enjoyed watching.

The Safest Place to Be

Regina shares, “My uncle was a big fan of Pastor Doug, so I did a search on the Internet.” And because your gifts came just in time, God sent Regina a message that was meant just for her!

“The first sermon I watched was titled ‘Life Is Unfair, But God Is Good.’ It was like God was speaking directly through Pastor Doug to reach me. That sermon really demonstrated what God looked like, and in the midst of my sorrows, I was so comforted. That night, I broke down in tears and gave my life to Christ.”

Regina immediately dove into the treasure trove of messages on our website. “I was hooked! I would stay up all night and smoke while watching. I couldn’t get enough of the truths that I was learning,” she says today.

Gradually, as Regina listened, the Holy Spirit worked in her heart, and her life began to change. She gave up smoking, alcohol, and drugs and made the decision to be baptized. “I knew the safest place for me and my daughter was to be with the Lord.” Amen!

Like he did to Regina, the enemy has trapped billions more in a miry pit of sin. They need a friend above to intercede with prayer and to lower a rope of salvation. This is what you do when you co-labor with Amazing Facts. You are the hands and feet of their Best Friend above, Jesus.

Lead People to God

I believe the tumultuous times we are seeing are prophetic. As the foundations of our nation are being shaken, letters continue to pour in from people all around the world struggling to look up. The number of seekers accessing our websites, sending in questions, signing up for Bible studies, and asking for resources keeps going up!

When you send $50, you are providing life-changing Bible truth to over 2,000 online seekers. A generous gift of $25 broadcasts end-time truth to more than 9,000 people looking for solid Bible answers. And for our friends who are led by the Spirit to give a sacrificial gift of $200 this month, your support will make it possible for someone like Regina to be baptized after going through our Bible School course.

Regina is deeply grateful to you for helping guide her into a saving relationship with the Lord. She can now say, “I want to help sow seeds and lead people to God.” Please rescue more friends like her by sending them help from above. Change a life now. Thank you!

Throwing out lifelines in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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