An Unstoppable Force: Advancing the Gospel with Power

An Amazing Fact: More than just the brightest light in our night sky, the moon is an unstoppable force in nature. Though it has been battered by hundreds of large asteroids and comets, it has faithfully stayed on course. The gravitational pull of the moon also moves oceans, which oxygenates the waters. Without the moon circulating the tides, life in the oceans would suffocate—which would eventually lead to the extinction of all life on earth.

Our world grows darker moment by moment. Perishing souls on this troubled planet desperately need the light of truth from God’s Word.

Like the gravitational influence of the moon, evangelism is much more than a nightlight. When you and I reflect the light from God’s Word, we are being used by the Son to bring everlasting life!

Through Amazing Facts’ websites, publications, broadcasts, and more, you are helping to, by God’s grace, boldly preach the full gospel through the three angels’ messages!

Let me show you how your loving gifts are leading people around the world to Jesus Christ, our Savior.

China: Former Buddhists Stand for Truth

Sister Li in China had been a Buddhist for more than 20 years, but she received Christ and lovingly led her husband to accept Him too. They soon joined a Sunday church and even became spiritual leaders. But a few months ago, Li found our Chinese-language website. She was able to listen to my messages because of the daily translation work you make possible.

When she heard my sermon “The Unchangeable Law,” she looked up all the Bible texts that I shared. She says, “We realized that Sunday was not the Sabbath that God commanded us to remember. The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath.”

But when they shared with their pastor what they had learned, he replied, “It’s heresy! Don’t watch Pastor Doug’s videos anymore.” However, because Sister Li and her husband believe the Bible is our only standard, the two kept watching Amazing Facts videos and began looking for a church that kept the true Sabbath day. Amen!

God miraculously led them to our China team—a dedicated group of Internet evangelists and translators made possible by you and other gracious fellow-laborers—who then connected them to a pastor.

This precious couple now has a growing Bible study group that uses Amazing Facts materials—and has prepared 13 souls for baptism. Praise the Lord!

Africa: Never Too Old to Be Baptized!

Ludia attended an entire series of Bible prophecy meetings and ultimately was baptized—if her age could be confirmed, at 120 years old, she would certainly go down as one of the oldest living persons on earth. Ludia’s chief goal in life today is to prepare to enter heaven. Shouldn’t that be our goal too?

Indonesia: Training for the Last-Day Work

Amazing Facts Indonesia set up a multimedia studio to record online videos for their discipleship training after COVID shut down in-person classes. Despite the challenges, so far this year, they have trained more than 120 students in the world’s largest Muslim nation!

One student, Figlia, has a Buddhist background but now shares how the online training helped grow his ability to give powerful Bible studies to friends and neighbors. You’ve even helped our AFCOE Indonesia team be the hands and feet of Jesus by offering food, water, and medical treatments to those affected by the pandemic.

Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Beyond!

Let me share just a few more testimonies:

Marciel in the Philippines watched Final Events on YouTube, and it created in her soul an appetite for more truth. She runs a small clothing shop and now shares with her customers the truths she is learning.

A friend in Saudi Arabia writes, “I’m in a country where worshiping and sharing Jesus means death. Thank God for blessing us with your programs!”

Kareen in Australia shares, “Amazing Facts is so inspirational. I love the wealth of information on your website. I have recently become a Christian!”

Kenneth in Germany writes, “Your ministry has touched the life of this sinner. Because of you, God has brought another lost soul to the feet of Jesus. Thank you for everything Amazing Facts has done in this world for Jesus.”

Joy in Taiwan shares our materials with all her friends; Margit’s wayward son in Romania found Amazing Facts and surrendered his life to Christ; and Lydia in Puerto Rico is taking our Bible studies online and says, “I praise God for your powerful ministry.”

Friend, isn’t it thrilling to realize how, by working together, we are helping fulfill the words of Christ in Matthew 24:14: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come”?

The End Will Come

Christ didn’t say the gospel might be preached! Like the moon creating the ocean tides, God’s truth for these last days is an unstoppable force that will go forward. Then, the end will come … the only question is whether we will continue to be a part of this last-day work.

That’s why I’m asking you to step forward in faith and be a part of expanding two successful areas in the global work of Amazing Facts:

1. There are 1.4 billion people in China. We desperately need more Mandarin translators. Your gift of $50 will help approximately 500 souls in China find and watch one of our truth-filled videos.

2. When you give $200 or more, you will help share God’s last-day messages through television broadcasts with up to 72,000 viewers watching in the Middle East, Australia, India, South Africa, and beyond.

Whatever you send, God will multiply its reach!

The moon may look like a silent sphere in the sky, but that light powerfully moves oceans of life—just like you when you share His love. 

Yours in boldly proclaiming God’s Word,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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