Launching Truth: Past, Present & Future

An Amazing Fact: What’s taller than the Statue of Liberty, has engines that produce 8.8 million pounds of thrust, and can carry 60,000 pounds of cargo to the moon? NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) is the most powerful rocket ever built and will send missions farther and faster through space—up to 24,500 miles per hour! The first test of this new launch vehicle is scheduled for January 2022.

I would like to take a moment and reflect with you as we quickly come to the end of another prophetically profound year. These past 12 months have been marked by billions worldwide longing for relief from lockdowns, shortages, and inflation—while confronted by a prolonged pandemic, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and social upheaval.

For many around the globe, church doors closed, limiting access to Christian fellowship, the Word of God, and hope. Yet, despite these barriers, your tremendous partnership made it possible to share the everlasting gospel farther and faster than ever!

When desperate people confronted a loss of freedom and their own mortality, their hearts began yearning for real answers. Many millions (I’m not exaggerating) hungering for truth turned to Amazing Facts programs in 2021 for the first time and discovered the foundational Bible truth—and for that, I deeply thank our Lord and, yes, you!

But what faces us in 2022? You and I know the devil’s playbook: More challenges lay ahead. So how can we keep launching God’s last-day message with boldness? One way is by looking back and learning from what your gifts and prayers made possible in 2021 through God’s leading and blessings.

From blasting off the year using the new W.O.R.D. Center the way it was meant to be used—discipling God’s people during this vital time—to our global Panorama of Prophecy live evangelism program, you and I joined hands with Christ in bringing salvation to millions around the globe.

So I ask you to please take a moment with me to count our blessings and review what you accomplished with Amazing Facts in 2021—to discover the lives that God changed through you because you believe in the power of evangelism and being a good steward of what God has given you to make a lasting difference.

Your Year-End Gift Will Make a Big Difference in the New Year

In the next few months, I’ll tell you more about the opportunities that God is opening up for new global evangelism events. We’re already working on new sharing resources and pursuing new broadcast audiences that will open more hearts to Jesus.

But, friend, we’re facing a new normal—ongoing restrictions and a crackdown on the bold proclamation of God’s truth in our culture are in full swing. That’s why I’m asking you, as we end this year and enter a new one, to pray with me and open your heart again to God’s work.

I believe that where there is a famine in the land for the Word, there is a growing number of individuals yearning for plain truth. As you take inventory on how God has blessed you this year, will you prayerfully ask Him what He’d have you give to ensure we can go into the New Year boldly launching the REAL GOSPEL faster and further for His glory?

With your gift of $100, you can help over 2,500 people watch truth-filled Amazing Facts programs on television. Your $50 gift will serve the spiritually hungry over 7,800 pages of spiritual food through our websites. With a blessed gift of $1,000, you can help over 25,000 people discover essential truth through the Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor program. And if God so moves, a gift of $5,000 could reach 40,000 seekers through the Bible School.

God’s last-day work means more than ever. You can clearly see how He blessed our work together in 2021. Please give generously. What you give now will create the momentum for all of 2022—and it will surely store a treasury of souls in heaven!

Looking to the future with faith,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

Even amid a global pandemic, by God’s grace and with your help, Amazing Facts launched the gospel into orbit for our most productive year ever!

Live Evangelism and Revival Events in 2021

In January, Reset in the Word refreshed the hearts of young people with a true picture of God and His will for them.

In April, thousands watched Amazing Sanctuary, which showed how God’s message of salvation is clearly revealed in the Old Testament. And 7 Deadly Myths in Christianity boldly uncovered doctrinal errors leading souls astray in these last days.

In May, 1,200 gathered for the first-ever Amazing Facts Youth Conference, Undaunted Courage, with power-packed gospel truth and outreach training.

In October, Amazing Facts presented Panorama of Prophecy, a brand-new, faith-building evangelistic series that helped hundreds of thousands of searching hearts get answers to their questions about the final events. We were joined by major broadcast partners, Hope Channel and 3ABN, to send truth worldwide!

Global Outreach Expanded in 2021!

In China, our Mandarin-language website received 2.8 million visits. You also enabled our team to translate more broadcasts and literature into one of the world’s most-spoken languages.

In India, Amazing Facts aired programs on three nationwide stations and made Bible lessons and our health magazine available in four languages.

In Africa, AFCOE trained believers and conducted Bible studies in the thousands.

In Indonesia, more than 500 students received vital Bible training and are now spreading across the country giving Bible studies.

AFCOE Training Returned in 2021!

In August, 40 students came to the W.O.R.D. Center campus to participate in the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism training. They also supported the Panorama of Prophecy series, guiding many souls to a decision for Christ. The online AFCOE program also helped to train 400 new soul winners in 2021.

Internet Evangelism Soared in 2021!

While public evangelism was forced to shut down in 2021, you helped Amazing Facts launch a new website, Papacy Watch, a resource center for seekers who want to understand the deepest parts of Bible prophecy.

More than 5.3 million visits were made to—and over 7.6 million across all our sites in 2021. That’s over 600,000 people each month with whom you’ve shared Bible truth!

Bible School Skyrocketed in 2021!

Enrollments in our new online Bible School increased 57 percent across 212 nations—with a 54 percent increase in graduates. Our mail-based Bible School also jumped 56 percent, with over 800,000 lessons mailed to searching hearts!

Our correspondence ministry responded to 33,800 with personal letters and emails. Also, 67,000 pieces of literature were sent to prisoners. In 2021, you made it possible to send out 80,000 pieces of truth-filled materials!

Broadcasting Evangelism and Beyond!

Your gifts built the new W.O.R.D. Center studio, increasing our ability to produce and distribute high-quality, truth-filled programs. In 2021, we began broadcasting every weekday on the History channel, a super network that reaches 84 million U.S. homes—plus an additional six million on their Spanish-language channel.

Amazing Facts’ longest-running program, Bible Answers Live, expanded to a live TV broadcast, enabling us to reach even more people and get them real answers to their Bible questions.

And that’s not everything, friend. I’ve simply run out of room! I hope you are inspired about what you accomplished with us in 2021—and encouraged that you can have complete confidence that your vital gift today will be used powerfully by God to launch new soul-winning efforts in 2022 with Amazing Facts!

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