URGENT! Media Missionaries Needed Deep in Europe!

From the Desk of Pastor Doug Batchelor

An Amazing Fact: Did you know that Ukraine has the deepest metro station in the world? The Arsenalna station in Kyiv is 344-feet deep. Escalators take five minutes to convey people down farther than a football field to catch a train. The station had to be dug so deep because it needed to bypass the Dnieper River, which surrounds the capital city.

Europe is in deep trouble. Not just because of the conflict in Ukraine and pervasive economic challenges, but also because of its deep spiritual problem. The continent once known as the center of Protestantism has fallen into the deadly pit of humanism. Churches are empty; more than half of all young people don’t believe. Put frankly, Christianity in Europe is dying.

At one time, countries like England, France, Switzerland, and Germany sent thousands of missionaries into jungles worldwide. Now, the tide has shifted; today, it’s the “the old continent” that desperately needs Christian missionaries.

But now, through technology in the sky, you can be a media missionary to Ukraine and all of Europe, reaching a treasure trove of lost souls buried deep in Satan’s domain. In fact, I’m writing this urgent letter to tell you about a remarkable, timely opportunity we have to effectively share truth across Europe.

Amazing Facts is laser-focused on taking the three angels’ messages to “to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6). Mission work isn’t just for some far-off pagan land anymore; Europe urgently needs Bible truth now. We cannot ignore the 748 million people who need to hear God’s last message of warning.

Aerial Evangelism

How can we reach the people of Europe, one of the most difficult places to penetrate with truth? Through satellite TV evangelism!

Millions in Europe live in fear; they are deeply confused about the Bible. Millions more live comfortably and feel no need of God. But through satellite TV, we can slip into millions of homes and share the plain Bible truth with them. We know many are already watching Amazing Facts on the internet and a few scattered outlets.

We often hear from people like 28-year-old Jonathan in Belgium, who writes, “I saw your documentary The Bride, the Beast & Babylon, and it opened my eyes to the prophecies of Scripture. I emailed Amazing Facts and am now a baptized Sabbath-keeper.” Amen! Even better, we can now reach millions more like Jonathan

A Rare Opportunity

God has opened the door for AFTV, the Amazing Facts TV channel, to be broadcast 24/7 on the powerful Hot Bird satellite through the Teleport service located in Rome. Our very own AFTV station will send God’s message into the heart of Europe, reaching 130 million households—plus parts of North Africa and the Middle East! (Keep in mind that 51 percent of Europeans understand English.)

Friend, God desperately loves the people of Europe, and you can send His lifesaving messages all across this continent through this far-reaching channel! However, we must seize this opportunity now because others also want this channel. So I’m asking you to pray if the Lord would have you help spread salvation as a media missionary to Europe. If so, please send a gift immediately so that we can quickly lock in this and other last-minute opportunities.

Your gift of $25 could reach more than 80,000 households with lifesaving truth. Your gift of $100 could plant seeds of faith in over 300,000 homes. And if God has blessed you to be able to give a larger gift of $1,000, you could expand satellite evangelism globally. Whatever size gift you send, God will multiply its eternal impact.

Hearts across Europe desperately need God’s final message of warning and the good news in these desperate times. Let’s be media missionaries to these millions so that we can hasten His coming (2 Peter 3:12).

For sending missionaries globally,

Pastor Doug Batchelor 
President, Amazing Facts International

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