Food for a Spiritual Famine

An Amazing Fact: Yemen is starving. This desert country of 30 million, located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, is plagued by civil war and malnutrition. Seven years of conflict have ravaged the country: Eighty percent of the population needs emergency relief, and half live in extreme poverty, unable to access food regularly for survival.

War and conflict create starvation for millions of innocent people. And what’s true in the physical world is also true in the spiritual world. The great battle between good and evil has created a global famine of lifesaving Bible truth.

My heart breaks when I see pictures of starving children in places like Yemen, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, and now Ukraine. But there is another starvation crisis that urgently calls for our help: a hunger for hearing the Word of God!

“Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord GOD, “That I will send a famine on the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD” (Amos 8:11). Because the Israelites stubbornly rejected God’s prophets, the truth became so rare that it brought spiritual famine. Yet, in turn, this created a deep hunger among sincere seekers to hear heavenly truth. The same is happening today.

How do we minister to such hungry souls? Jesus said, “You give them something to eat” (Luke 9:13). 

Thousands contact Amazing Facts seeking truth, and we must be ready to send them spiritual food that satisfies their hunger. That’s what you did for Jerry, Elizabeth, Max, and so many more! Here are just a few stories about how God used you to change people’s lives through free Bible-centered materials …

No More Novels

Jerry wrote us from a prison in Mississippi about free magazines and books that he received from us. “I used to read novels, but now I would rather read God’s Word. And the more that I stay in God’s Word, the more I want to learn about Him.” The devil’s cheap, worldly junk food is nothing compared to the banquet of God’s precious truth that you provided Jerry!

Elizabeth found one of our magazines, America in Bible Prophecy, in her mailbox. The name and address were her neighbor’s, but her neighbor said she could read it. Elizabeth, who is 86, loved learning about end-time prophecy. In response, she asked us to send her more free Bible studies in the mail. She shared, “Thank you for the magazine I received by mistake”—but do you think that was just an accident? 

We receive tall stacks of letters every week from people hungering for true spiritual food. When these seekers contact us asking for life-transforming literature or DVDs, how could we possibly turn them away? If someone knocked on your door and was dying of thirst, would you charge them for a glass of water? Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

“It just thrilled my heart!”

Many also tell us how they share free Amazing Facts materials with others and about their excitement when they see how God works in changing lives.

Alma from Texas works in a detention center mailroom. One day, the center’s librarian mentioned that she needed to get more materials because she was low on books. Alma offered her free resources from Amazing Facts. The woman happily received them and put them in the library for the inmates.

A few months later, Alma was amazed to see mail coming from Amazing Facts with Bible studies. “I saw that some inmates had finished the course and received a certificate of completion. It just thrilled my heart!” She also sent a $1,000 check to help share more Christ-centered food for hungry hearts!

No Shortage of Spiritual Food

Experts on famines tell us that natural disasters, like droughts, do cause some food shortages, but most often, it’s the result of war. The problem is not just a lack of food, but also getting food to the people who need it. Greedy leaders often block access.

Likewise, the devil doesn’t want starving hearts to feed on Bible truth, so he does everything he can to block access to heaven-sent words of life. But your co-laboring gifts break through the devil’s barriers, making Bible truth available to those who need it.

Last year, by God’s blessing, you helped send out over 1.5 million free, life-converting books, magazines, pamphlets, DVDs, and more to open hearts. It changed Christine’s life. She read our Daniel and Revelation magazine, signed up for Bible studies, and is now asking for resources to share with her friends at a Native American reservation in Washington State.

When Amazing Facts began broadcasting the three angels’ messages over the radio, people quickly began asking for printed Bible materials. Original speaker Joe Crews and his faithful team immediately set to work on creating Bible lessons and sending them out for free. Always believing that God will bless and supply through you, we’ve now been doing the same for nearly 57 years!

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give

TV and radio broadcasts plant many gospel seeds, but often the message will only germinate when a listener contacts us and asks for a free offer or enrolls in our free Bible School—well, we know it’s not actually free. You are making it possible to send these materials to people on a quest to know God. Receiving free materials is a vital stepping stone to lead souls toward Jesus’ eternal kingdom.

Jesus once took five loaves and two fish, blessed them, and fed a multitude who ate and were satisfied (John 6:1–14). You can also see your gifts multiplied into spiritual food for thousands!

I’m asking you to join me this month in satisfying the spiritual hunger of starving hearts in our world. Your gift of $25 will help 36 individuals watching an Amazing Facts television broadcast receive free truth filled materials. A family sized gift of $100 could mail out 80 popular Amazing Facts sharing magazines to people like Elizabeth who want to hear God’s last-day message. And if you want to send free Bible based materials to everyone who respond to one of our weekly television broadcast, your gift of $600 will do just that.

Michael wrote from a Missouri prison: “Thank you for the free materials you’ve given me. You have helped me grow as a Christian. I thank God for putting your ministry in my path.” Amen! Let’s share the Bread of Life during this global famine and bring even more joy to our Father in heaven and Jesus.

Feeding multitudes the Bread of Life,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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