Raining Truth on Dry and Thirsty Hearts

“Let my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew” —Deuteronomy 32:2

An Amazing Fact: The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is the second-driest place on Earth. It averages less than .05 inches of precipitation each year! But during the rare occasion when there is a downpour, a rich, breathtaking profusion of flowers springs up.

Imagine trying to practice your faith in a land that promises religious freedom—but where religious persecution by mobs is left unchecked by the government. You are a second-class citizen if you do not follow the state religion. In fact, if you convert to another faith, you might even be killed.

Some of the most dangerous places to believe in and preach Christ are found in the Middle East, including the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In this land of more than 240 million, Christians make up only one percent of the population. And only a fraction of that tiny group has heard the three angels’ messages.

Should we avoid doing outreach in these troubled nations—like Jonah did? Should we focus only on more promising areas? I admit, it’s exciting to preach before big crowds in open countries—but remember that Jesus called us to “go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). That means He is asking you and me to carry His Bible truth into the very heart of countries like Pakistan, one of the worst persecutors of Christians.

And, yes, there is a powerful, unstoppable way for God’s truth to reach through its locked doors. You can send showers of saving truth from the sky to dry and thirsty hearts—and see souls blossoming for Jesus Christ!

A Roaring Lion

The devil is doing everything possible to stop Bible truth from spreading. “The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). In Muslim-dominated countries like Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, he resorts to overt persecution to frighten people from hearing Bible messages.

Christian churches, hospitals, and even schools are regularly bombed. Girls from Christian families are forced into marriages with Muslim men. Blasphemy laws have led to Christians being sentenced to death, which further emboldens mob violence against religious minorities.

Sadly, this is to be expected: “Do not marvel … if the world hates you” for preaching Christ (1 John 3:13). Some Christians suggest that when it comes to Pakistan, we must shake the dust off our gospel feet and go elsewhere. But I don’t believe God wants us to give up on these seekers of truth. Amazing Facts takes seriously the commission to proclaim God’s final warning “to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people” (Revelation 14:6)—even when the door to Christianity is almost completely closed.

Because, as you know, when a door has been closed, God opens another door of opportunity …

Reaching Over Closed Borders

One of the most effective methods of sharing the gospel with millions of Pakistanis and others in the Middle East is through satellite TV. Even the poorest communities in the region have hundreds of satellite dishes pointed to the heavens!

Satellite evangelism reaches over the devil’s barriers and sends God’s messages right into seekers’ homes. While governments might easily stop over-the-air and cable transmissions, gospel signals from the sky are difficult to block. It’s hard to stop the rain of the Spirit!

God has blessed Amazing Facts’ satellite evangelism in the past; our Bible-centered programs that you make possible have reached large swaths of the earth. But His last-day messages in the language of Pakistan are rarely seen or heard. Together, you and I can change that!

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu. It’s spoken by 75 percent of Pakistanis. But it’s also spoken by 50 million in India—and millions more in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Qatar, Oman, and Iran.

Today, you can provide Bible programs direct to these Urdu speakers by helping to hire gifted Christians who understand the nuances of English and can translate our programs and online resources to reach Muslims, Christians, and seekers watching by satellite and the internet. You can also help secure good voice-over talent for dubbing media that will reach a wider audience in Urdu-speaking areas globally!

Friend, you have already successfully helped translate many of our soul-winning programs into Mandarin and Farsi to share Bible truth in closed nations like China and Iran. Now, with a much-needed boost, you can help advance work on Urdu broadcasts to share with longing hearts in Pakistan.

A New Sharing Opportunity

I asked you at the start of this letter to put yourself in the place of our believing friends in Pakistan. But so many precious souls don’t need to imagine it. These children of God know too little about the Bible and Jesus, the One who died for their sins, and they need Living Water now. Who will tell them the good news about God’s deep love for them? Who will share the truth and hope of the Second Coming, the Sabbath, and life beyond the grave?

As you can guess, we don’t receive many letters from Pakistan. But the few who have contacted us ask for resources—programs to bolster their faith and to share with others. Such brave warriors for Christ are noted in heaven’s books!

That’s why I urgently invite you to partner with me to do everything we can to translate and broadcast God’s final message of warning to the world in languages like Urdu—reaching the believers and the seekers in persecuted places. You can be their friend for eternity!

Your caring gift today of $40 will translate one Amazing Facts Study Guide into Urdu to win hundreds of searching hearts. A sacrificial gift of $150 will translate a full sharing magazine, raining down God’s truth into outstretched hands. And a satellite-sized gift of $700 will dub one video to be broadcast to hearts looking for eternal hope. I truly believe God will multiply the impact of whatever gift you send for His glory!

God willing, I will someday be able to visit Pakistan and personally speak in this country in the name of Jesus. Until then, will you join me in praying that through satellite evangelism, we will spread the great news of the gospel together so that our friends in the Middle East can know our compassionate Friend?

Preaching Christ to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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