Sabbath in Space?

Q. How can someone keep the Sabbath in space?

A. I often get questions like this about challenging places to keep the Sabbath. Another way I might hear this question is, “How do you keep the Sabbath during the winter in the North Pole, when the sun doesn’t come up or go down for months?” (The way that Sabbathkeepers in the arctic zones traditionally deal with this conundrum is by picking a consistent time to mark sundown, such as 6:00 PM.)

In my quiet moments, I have often thought about this question because I’d love to go to space someday. The International Space Station goes around the earth very quickly, several times a day, in fact. So I figured I would just say, “Lord, I’m going to keep the Sabbath at the time they’re keeping it at home in northern California.” I believe you would have to use some kind of earth time standard and dedicate that time to God.

These curious questions usually come from someone who is struggling with the Sabbath truth, forgetting he or she will have the same problem keeping Sunday in the North Pole or in space. However, when you imply that it’s impossible to keep the Sabbath, you’re suggesting God’s law is unreasonable. While I surely do not know all the answers to these interesting dilemmas, in every case, I’m going to keep the Sabbath according to the Word as best as I know how, and I believe God will accept my best service.


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