Statement on Venue Change

Dear friends,

Amazing Facts has been receiving a number of inquiries regarding why our venue was changed from Sanford, Florida, to Lansing, Michigan, for the upcoming Heroes of Faith meetings beginning October 2.

On July, 4, 2014, Pastor Doug Batchelor spoke to a packed sanctuary at the Spring Meadow Church in Sanford, Florida, at which time the pastors and members there invited Amazing Facts to return in October 2015 for a 10-day evangelistic program.

In good faith of that invitation, the following year Amazing Facts invested significant time and resources toward planning and preparing for the success of the Heroes of Faith series.

However, following the General Conference session, we were contacted by the Spring Meadow pastor who told us that he was sorry to inform us that the Florida Conference leadership had advised his church to cancel these meetings.

Having not heard from the conference directly, Pastor Batchelor called and had a friendly conversation and prayer with the Florida Conference president, Mike Cauley, who said he felt that Pastor Batchelor’s position on women’s ordination was too polarizing and not in harmony with General Conference policy.

(Amazing Facts and Pastor Batchelor fully support the voted General Conference position regarding ordination, and the ministry has never traveled to other conferences to speak publicly on this subject.)

Naturally, this was very disappointing as we had invested considerable funds in advertising material and broadcast time in the Orlando area.

However, Amazing Facts is very thankful for the invitation from the Michigan Conference to relocate the meetings to Lansing, where Pastor Batchelor and our media crew will be working with Pastor Wes Peppers, a former Amazing Facts evangelist and AFCOE leader. We are now moving ahead in faith, trusting that the Lord will work all of this together for good. We deeply appreciate your continued prayers, support, and encouragement!

Now, “forgetting those things which are behind” (Philippians 3:13), Amazing Facts intends to focus our full energies on preaching the three angels’ messages and bringing people into a saving relationship with Jesus.

For any other specifics regarding this matter, please contact the Florida Conference.

Finally, we encourage all our friends in Florida and around the world to participate in Heroes of Faith: Stories of Salvation for the Whole Family on 3ABN and AFTV beginning October 2. Please visit for more details about the program and how you can get involved!

In the Blessed Hope,

Pastor Jëan Ross
Vice President of Evangelism
Amazing Facts


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