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AFCOE to Go Is Ready to Go in 2017

Posted on February 06, 2017
AFCOE to Go Is Ready to Go in 2017
Are you ready to impact your world for Christ?

AFCOE to Go is Amazing Facts’ intensive evangelistic local church training program for busy people and anyone else who wants to grow God’s church in these last days. In just one weekend, you’ll experience a fast-paced, challenging, and spiritually exhilarating condensed version of our four-month AFCOE course, helping you become a dynamic and effective soul winner. Church members and leaders have been inspired by the practical training as they explored Christ’s very own outreach methods.

Featuring biblical and professional training, AFCOE to Go seminars cover a variety of vital outreach topics, such as friendship evangelism, gospel presentation, answering objections, reclaiming lost members, and the cycle of evangelism. When you’ve completed your training, you will have the confidence to witness for Jesus anytime and anywhere—and have the Bible knowledge to ignite your faith!

The Bible promises that the last-day work will be an uncontainable wildfire of evangelism. With AFCOE to Go, you can be the spark that ignites soul winning in your community! So register now for an upcoming event in your area this year. And don’t come alone! Bring a fellow church members to experience this exciting training program.

2017 Schedule – AFCOE to Go
February 17–19: Keene, TX
February 24–26: Oklahoma Conference
April 17–24: AFCOE Europe in Portugal
April 21, 22: Montana Conference
April 28, 29: BC, Canada
May 5–7: Nis, Serbia
May 12–14: Podgorica, Serbia
May 19–21: New York City
May 31–June 2: Delaware, OH
June 2, 3: Toronto, Canada

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