A Gospel Thunderbolt in the South Pacific

Amazing Facts and Doug Batchelor, in partnership with our team at Amazing Facts Oceania, completed a whirlwind speaking tour that included stops in Australia and Papua New Guinea, where thousands of lives were changed for the Lord.

During the contemporary What’s Right? Global Change & the Individual weekend series on the Gold Coast of Australia, more than 3,500 people attended from many different denominations. One guest even said that his church group was planning to join a local Sabbath-keeping congregation as a result.

Then, when the team arrived in Papua New Guinea (PNG), they simply weren’t prepared for what God had in store. While PNG is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries, only 18 percent have electricity—still, the Word of God is moving there brightly like a thunderbolt.

Through extensive distribution of Amazing Facts DVDs, such as Final Events of Bible Prophecy—often shown using projectors running on diesel-powered generators in small churches—and Pastor Doug’s sermons on television, we knew he had become a well-known preacher. But we simply could not have anticipated the stunning turnout! More than 60,000 souls greeted Amazing Facts at the airport—and over 200,000 attended the Sabbath meetings alone.

One day, the team traveled to an isolated location to record a new Amazing Facts of Faith episode. After they found an ideal spot to begin filming, they approached a grass hut to seek permission to move forward with the shoot. When an elderly woman came out to greet them, she screamed in delight. She had been watching Amazing Facts programs for years and never expected to see Pastor Doug at her home. This truly shows the global impact your support is having even in remote locations around the world!

We saw a deep hunger for the last-day message like nothing we’ve seen before. Hundreds of thousands stood in torrential rain almost every night simply to have the opportunity to hear the Word of God. As a result, more than 5,000 were baptized—praise the Lord!

What Is Amazing Facts Oceania?
This report was made possible by Amazing Facts Oceania, a partner ministry in Australia run entirely by a group of dedicated volunteers who distribute our Christian resources and ensure our programs are being seen across Australia and in the South Pacific. Amazing Facts programs can be seen weekly on Channel 7two, Sunday mornings at 6:30am. Visit amazingfacts.com.au to learn more.


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