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Broadcasting the Truth in Bulgaria

Posted on May 15, 2017
Broadcasting the Truth in Bulgaria
Amazing Facts is thrilled to be working with Light Channel TV to broadcast truth-filled programs to the more than seven million people living in Bulgaria. This beautiful country is located in southeast Europe, bordering Turkey and the Black Sea. The majority of the population identify with the Orthodox Church, but the second largest religious group is Sunni Muslim. In addition to the people in Bulgaria, more than 2.5 million Bulgarians live in countries across Europe and around the world.

In the past, Light Channel TV producers had been using YouTube versions of Amazing Facts programs that they were downloading and subtitling. But the quality of these files was less than desirable for broadcast. After reaching out to our media team, they now have access to our high-quality digital files. Even better, the programs translated by Light Channel will be available via satellite and the Internet for Bulgarians living around the world.

Amazing Facts is so grateful to you for providing the financial support that allows us to freely share our truth-filled media productions to so many radio, television, and Internet outlets. Your support is central to the continued success of this ministry and its mission of sharing the gospel around the world. Thank you!

As always, please share the good news! If you would like to share this great resource with your Bulgarian friends, click here for the TV station click here for free downloadable truth-filled articles and books.
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