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AFCOE to Go: Impacting Eastern Europe for Christ

Posted on June 08, 2017
AFCOE to Go: Impacting Eastern Europe for Christ
Biljana was born in Bosnia, where she grew up loving Jesus and faithfully attending the Orthodox Church. However, a personal tragedy led her to explore more about vital Bible truths.

As Biljana searched online, she found the Amazing Facts website and began reading articles and watching Pastor Doug's sermons. Her study led her to believe that the Sabbath is important and she began to search for a Bible-believing church. Within a year, both she and her mother made the decision to follow Bible truth and be baptized as Sabbathkeepers.

After her baptism, Biljana was encouraged to study theology, and now she is attending a Bible college in neighboring Serbia in preparation for future service. The Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) team recently traveled to Serbia and spent several days sharing with Biljana and her classmates. Biljana says, “I'm not sure what the future will hold, but I know God will lead, step by step.” She looks forward to growing God’s kingdom however He leads.

AFCOE also provided evangelism training for nearly 80 church members and pastors in Nis, Serbia, and another 60 in Podgorica, Montenegro. Carissa McSherry, assistant director of AFCOE, shares, “It was thrilling to see their support, passion for Christ, and excitement to be involved in evangelism!”

The AFCOE team travels regularly across the United States and around the world sharing weekend seminars designed to give church members tools to reach their friends and neighbors for Christ. Made possible by special donations, the AFCOE trip to Serbia and Montenegro gave local church members and pastors the opportunity to learn simple methods of impacting their communities and churches with the gospel.

While in Belgrade, the AFCOE team also recorded programs about answers to prayer and living by faith that will be aired on local Christian television networks in Serbia. One of those stations focuses on reaching unchurched people and has over 200,000 followers on Facebook.

This ministry is made possible only through your continued prayers and financial support. Amazing Facts deeply appreciates the faithful giving of Bible believers around the world who make this ministry successful in sharing God’s truth with the world in these last days.
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