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Pastor Doug at 3ABN Camp Meeting

Posted on June 07, 2017
Pastor Doug at 3ABN Camp Meeting
Pastor Doug Batchelor is excited to be sharing God’s Word at the 3ABN Spring Camp Meeting this weekend! He will be joining well-known speakers, including John Lomacang, Steve Wohlberg, and Mark Howard, as they address current events and trending topics in the church, using the Bible as their guide in “Exposing the Counterfeit.”

Hundreds attend this inspiring event in person from across the United States and around the world—and thousands more watch online! We hope you’ll join Amazing Facts at 3ABN during the event.

Pastor Doug will be speaking on Friday night at 8:00pm CT to discuss the difference between living by grace, obedience, and legalism. He will also be sharing during the Sabbath School Panel at 9:30am CT, when they will be discussing the books of First and Second Peter.  Pastor Doug’s final presentation will be on Sabbath at 6:00pm CT, when he will be answering the question, “Is hell a place of unending torture?”

You won’t want to miss these life-changing presentations.

Click here to watch live during the camp meeting.

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