You Can Be an Amazing Disciple!

Are you eager to impact your community for Christ—but don’t know where to start? Would you like to confidently share your faith with your neighbor? Amazing Facts is excited to present the brand-new, innovative outreach guide, Amazing Disciples. This powerful  13-week study guide will give you the keys to develop your outreach skills and impact the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors for Jesus.

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Developed by Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE) teachers and evangelists, Amazing Disciples utilizes an easy-to-use daily Bible study format—perfect for church Sabbath study groups, small groups, and family worships.

Pastor Doug Batchelor explains the purpose of this resource, saying, “The last command of Jesus should be the first priority for Christians. He told us to ‘go and make disciples.’ Amazing Disciples focuses on the thing that is closest to the heart of God: reaching the lost!”

Chuck Holtry, director of AFCOE, says, “To my knowledge, nothing else on how to do personal evangelism exists in this kind of format. It fills a role that so many churches and church members have been seeking.” And Jëan Ross, vice president of evangelism for Amazing Facts, sees Amazing Disciples as the “very best of evangelism training, one designed for anyone to participate in and understand.”

This life-changing study will give you a solid biblical foundation to answer the “why” and “how” of making disciples for Christ. You will be challenged to deepen your personal experience with God, and you will find powerful tools, insights, and practical experiences that will allow you to be effective in sharing Christ.

Amazing Disciples is an excellent tool for preparing new believers to become disciples, people who are winning souls and raising up churches for Christ. The lessons also include ideas for reaching out to people who have drifted away from their faith and provides real-life examples of bringing them back to a living relationship with Christ.

Author Carissa McSherry shares, “I am excited to see how God will utilize this evangelism-training tool to empower and equip new and seasoned believers alike in the beautiful calling of evangelism!” Amazing Disciples is one of the most practical soul-winning evangelistic training resources yet produced and is available now! Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in Christ’s service!

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