You Made a Difference on Giving Tuesday!

Thank you!

We are so grateful how the Lord blessed through our ministry partners on Giving Tuesday. Because of your generosity, Amazing Facts raised more than $72,000 for the work of evangelism on that day alone!

Between the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, several “consumer” sale days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, entice shoppers to spend a fortune on gifts for Christmas—more than $20 billion this year in America alone. In 2012, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving was designated as “Giving Tuesday”—a day for people around the world to join together in giving back and making their world a better place. Through strong social media support, Giving Tuesday has become a global movement that is raising millions to support worthy initiatives.

At Amazing Facts, we were excited to be a part of this unique opportunity to spread the gospel to the lost and lonely. Our small Facebook post alone raised more than $18,000 from over 250 people—who gave to help share God’s message with a dying world. These funds will be used to share Bible truths through television, radio, live evangelistic meetings, Bible school, publishing, and training programs around the world. At Amazing Facts, we are using every opportunity we can to reach people for Christ!

We know that your sacrificial gifts will be multiplied by the Master to accomplish His work! Pastor Doug Batchelor says, “At Amazing Facts, we take the funds that are given and work to translate those funds into souls saved in the kingdom.”

Even though Giving Tuesday has passed, Amazing Facts still has an extraordinary opportunity right now for you to partner with us through a matching grant through the end of this year. Two very generous donors have offered to donate $3 for every dollar you give, up to $400,000. Imagine how far that will go in reaching souls for the kingdom of God!

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