The Shepherd King: Life Lessons from David

Few Old Testament characters have had as much impact on the modern Christian faith as David, the beloved shepherd-king of Israel. And today, his story—the challenges, the adventures, and the highs and lows—still has amazing power to inform and transform our walk with God.

That’s why you’ll love Doug Batchelor’s new 12-part series The Shepherd King: Life Lessons from David, a vital, unparalleled exploration of David’s life, reign, and death that will teach you inspiring yet practical, contemporary lessons in faith that will ultimately direct you to Jesus Christ, the ultimate Shepherd-King.

Says Pastor Doug, “My life and ministry have been deeply impacted by the amazing story of David. I’ve been touched by his unparalleled devotion, challenged by his self-sacrificing life, inspired by his bold leadership, and humbled by his tragic failings. As you listen to these presentations, it is my prayer that you will not only grow to appreciate and admire this shepherd-king of Israel as much as I have, but that you will learn more about Jesus, the true Shepherd and the King of kings—and in so doing, that you will become a man or woman after God’s own heart.”

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