Sabbath School Study Hour Says Goodbye After 25 Years

By Curtis Rittenour
Posted June 16, 2022


More than 25 years ago, Amazing Facts began broadcasting its hourly Sabbath school program, now called Sabbath School Study Hour, as a unique ministry designed to edify church members and reach those in areas without a nearby church. At the time, few churches were capable of providing such programming for their communities, but in the decades that followed, more began providing Sabbath school online and on television, especially during the recent pandemic.

In response to this reality and because of the ministry’s primary focus on evangelistic programs, including an upcoming series about the three angels’ messages, as of July 2022, Amazing Facts will no longer be producing Sabbath School Study Hour or airing it on television.

For those who still want to join the Granite Bay family on the W.O.R.D. Center campus, you can find the church’s Sabbath School on Granite Bay YouTube, Granite Bay Facebook, and at In place of the televised Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts is now broadcasting Bible Answers Live, which we hope you find informative and inspiring.

Thank you for your profound support of our ministry, which makes outreach programs available for more than two billion people worldwide!


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