The Blueprint - God's GPS

A Captivating New Study Guide Series Explores the Lost Sanctuary

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As Jesus emerged from a crowd of followers gathering at the Jordan River, a mesmerized John the Baptist turned to his disciples and revealed, “Behold, the Lamb of God!” These words, no doubt carefully chosen by the prophet, drew the minds of every one who heard them that day to the Hebrew sanctuary.

John understood perfectly that Jesus, through His life and death, was to be the fulfillment and completion of the sanctuary system given by God to Moses in the wilderness. It was a living daily picture of His loving sacrificial work of redemption for all mankind.

Yet even though the sanctuary is this vivid, beautiful illustration of the plan of salvation, surprisingly, few Christians today have ever heard of it or understand its deeper meanings and lessons. Moreover, the sanctuary system actually plays a vital teaching role in both the New Testament books of Hebrews and Revelation.

Sadly, for most people, the sanctuary is not much more than a lost Bible relic—a situation that is depriving them of the rich lessons of faith, Christian living, and prophecy found within it.

The ministry of Amazing Facts and author Ivor Myers have sought to change this trend through a brand-new study guide series called The Blueprint: God’s GPS. The purpose of this five-part lesson set is to share how the sanctuary reveals an enormous treasure of information for those who dare venture to explore it, opening up new revelations about God’s character, prophecy, salvation, health, and even the end of sin itself in the universe.

Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts, explains that readers are in for some big surprises about the Christian faith. “By keying in on the idea that the sanctuary in the wilderness is actually a copy of God’s temple in heaven, even now occupied by Jesus [Hebrews 7:26; 9:11, 24], Myers has shown us that the sanctuary still has tremendous importance to Christian believers today and is worthy of our deeper study. It's a pleasure for Amazing Facts to have partnered in its production.”

The Blueprint dramatically weaves through the sanctuary like a full-power GPS unit, offering unique clues and insights about how the contents of the sanctuary—the table of showbread, the altar of incense, the ark of the covenant, etc.—are really a map that guides readers to a greater understanding of God’s will, the final event of earth’s history, the Holy Bible, and its relevance today.

With its logical yet inspiring presentation of the evidence, The Blueprint is both a faith-building experience for Christians and a distinctive outreach resource for those outside the faith. It’s a fast-paced but easy-to-follow illustrated series spanning 17 in-depth lessons, including facts about how the sanctuary message has the keys for improving health in today’s busy world.

Published by Amazing Facts, The Blueprint: God’s GPS series, its first study guide set in more than 15 years, is now available at for $4.25.

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