Building for Eternity: A Worthy Sacrifice

1st Quarter 2018

Fiber-optic communication is fascinating technology. Thin, flexible glass lines about the size of a human hair surrounded by a reflective sheath can transport information around the world through light beams at, well, the speed of light.

More than 150 years ago, Ellen White had a vision about how to advance Bible truth. She encouraged her husband to print a publication that, while small at first, would eventually grow to be “like streams of light that went clear round the world” (Life Sketches, p. 125). Building for Eternity: A Worthy Sacrifice image oneAs predicted, that small paper grew into an international publishing work in multiple languages.

Over fifty years ago, God began the work of Amazing Facts in the basement of a conference office. In 2007, Granite Bay Church was planted by just twelve members—but both have grown through the blessings of God and the support of His people.

Building for Eternity: A Worthy Sacrifice image twoToday, Amazing Facts and the Granite Bay Church together are sending gospel streams of light around the world to hundreds of thousands of listeners and viewers. But we have reached a roadblock and are greatly limited in what we can do, as we have outgrown our old facilities and our equipment has become outdated.

However, through the new W.O.R.D. Center that you are making possible, we will be able to send more and higher quality evangelistic programming, discipleship training, health education, Sabbath School programs, revival messages, family and parenting seminars, and worship services streaming to millions around the world—including to those who have no local church to attend.

Please join me in prayer and continuing support for the W.O.R.D. Center, that we might advance God’s truth to the world in these last days—at the speed of light!

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A Unique Vision

A Unique Vision image one For nearly fifteen years, Amazing Facts has been working to find a new home for its ministry headquarters and to fulfill a unique vision of becoming a church-based ministry. In 2004, faithful believers helped the ministry purchase a 75-acre property, at an incredible price, in Granite Bay, California. This land features a beautiful hill that overlooks the city.

A Unique Vision image two In 2013, Pastor Doug joined the Granite Bay Church as a full-time pastor, a transition that brought new growth. The next year, the church moved into a large industrial building that could accommodate the 500-plus members attending each week. During this time, work on the new property continued moving forward. In 2017, all the permits and inspections were completed, and building plans were submitted and approved.

A Unique Vision image three By God’s grace, a groundbreaking took place in April 2017. The new facility will feature two buildings—a church designed for broadcasting Amazing Facts programs and worship services to the world, and an office building to house the staff and projects of Amazing Facts ministry.

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W.O.R.D. Construction Moving Fast!

W.O.R.D. Construction Moving Fast! image oneSince the groundbreaking last spring, underground utilities along the main road have been installed. The road has been widened in front of our property, and paving began the second week of January. The underground utilities on our property are also nearly complete. We are still waiting for the power company to make final connections, but gas and power conduits are in place. Sewer and storm drains are finished.

W.O.R.D. Construction Moving Fast! image twoThe site is graded, and the building pads have been certified. We’ve begun installation on sound and retaining walls. Spillway construction on the bottom of the property, near the pond, is done, along with the installation of four rain gardens. Parking lot lights are all on site and ready for installation, and waterline construction is 15 percent complete.

W.O.R.D. Construction Moving Fast! image threeBasement footings for the sanctuary have been installed, and the cast is in place for the walls. These should be poured by the time you read this update. Within thirty days of pouring the walls, the basement floor will be poured. Final design meetings on the interior have taken place, and we should have final plans in hand soon. Office footings have also been poured and the walls will be formed and completed in January.

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Construction Timeline

Construction Timeline image one Summer 2017 — Site prep and foundations laid

Early Winter 2018 — Pouring floors and walls

Construction Timeline image two Late Winter 2018 — Rough shell raised

Spring 2018 — Structural steel placed, roof and exterior

Construction Timeline image three Summer 2018 — Interior work begins

Fall/Winter 2018 — Interior finished, move in!

Current Funding Progress

Current Funding Progress image one

Current Funding Progress image threeo W.O.R.D. Center Buildings and Site Work Cost $28,100,000

o Commitment & Funds Received $17,695,405 (63%)

o Granite Bay Church Member Campaign $3,500,000 (12.5%)

o Sale of Existing Offices and Real Estate $3,500,000 (12.5%)

o Still Needed $3,404,595 (12%)

Current Funding Progress image two

Thank you for championing this cause! Your prayers and continued partnership are vital to bring this project to completion. If you would like to send streams of light around the world through the W.O.R.D. Center, click here to join us!

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